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How Shweta Malik is converting schools into Multiple Intelligence Units with Wolnut.com !

For a long time now our schools have been teaching us the sciences, the maths and the literature. But whether our schools have been able to groom our kids for a 360 degree development of their personality still remains a largely unanswered questions. For children with interest in sports, music, arts and talents in public speaking, our schools still largely remain places that do not really identify, groom and do justice to such talents. Shweta Malik, the founder of Wolnut.com plans to convert schools into MI (Multiple Intelligence) based schools where the unique potential that each child has is recognized well on time and is polished in the right way for success.


At Wolnut.com, trained professional do a detailed profiling of every child to understand his or her unique values, personality  traits, skills and preferences. The company then does a 360 degree analysis for every child to suggest best career options depending on detailed profiling. Wolnut.com also helps kids  hone their skills and to make sure that their weaknesses are well addressed.In our society which finds glamor only in careers of engineers and doctors, convincing parents and school management about such an initiative wasn’t too easy. Shweta had to conduct multiple seminars with the school management, parents and kids to make them understand the importance of such an activity. However, after looking at the impact such efforts were having on the development of kids, the school management and parents were soon onboard.All techniques used by Wolnut.com are based on psychology and scientific methods.

Online Assessments is a rapidly growing market. According to Global SHL report 25% more firms started using online assessments last year.  The market size is estimated to about $500 million in India and about $ 2 billion globally. Wolnut  realized that with the changing industry landscape  assessment companies should have  Multiple Intelligence suggesting  capabilities too.”Our connection of assessment to career (through access to schools) provides us with a deep competitive advantage. The online assessment industry is growing day by day but no one is addressing the pain points of school kids, so as of now we are not facing any tough competition.” says Shweta.

Shweta Malik, Founder of Wolnut.com

Shweta Malik, Founder of Wolnut.com

Shweta Malik founded Wolnnut.com in 2014. Shweta is a HR professional having experience in various facets of HR ranging from training to executive search and soft skills enhancements .Shweta has a  MBA in HR& Marketing . She also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Training & Development from Govt. of HRD and in Disaster Management from World Bank.

Today, Wolnut.com is a well established name in the area of kids assessment and profiling.The path to success has not an easy one. “Everything will take longer than you expect. There is no magic wand. Success is not going to happen overnight. If you run your business the right way and treat people with kindness, respect and compassion good things will happen to you.” says Shweta Malik. The company is currently well funded by its customers and is not looking for any funding.



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