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Stories @ Techstory – Weekly Roundup !

This week on Techstory we introduced our new series with Stories in Pictures which received a very good response. We covered a number of interesting stories such as Quotes to Conquer your fears, Top Indians in US Tech Industry, Educational background of India’s top business leaders, How the next generation of India Inc is being onboarded and some Inspiring Quotes from the World of Tennis under the Stories in Pictures series. In other stories this week we covered Expansion plans of hCentive for India, The 5 social media practices that have affected customer service in the recent times, The incredible rise of Sundar Pichai, Fashionara launching Indias first online flee market, an interview with Manish Sharma of Printo, Uber’s $40B valuation after the latest funding round and Snapdeal launching India’s first online store for the differently abled.Here’s a quick round up of this week’s stories on Techstory.


hCentive and their $100 million expansion plan for India !

Mr. Manish Garg, Head of India Operations, hCentive, talks to Techstory.in about their $100 million investment plan for the Indian market in the next 3- 5 years !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/hcentive/

5 Social Media Practices that have impacted Customer Service

Communication channels are affecting the method and quality of customer service. Here is the list of 5 social media practices which are changing the face of customer service.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/socialmediabysoftwaresuggest/

Quotes to conquer your fears !

Being an entrepreneur is not easy ! You are always venturing in the unknown territory and trying to make sense of things ! Here are a few quotes for you entrepreneurs to conquer your fears.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/quotes-to-conquer-your-fears/

The incredible journey of Sundar Pichai !

Quite clearly, a soft-spoken middle manager, Sundar Pichai has become a No. 2 to Google CEO Larry Page. Here’s How !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/sundarpichai/

Top Indians in US Tech Industry

Stories in Pictures – Here is a list of Top Indians in US Tech Industry

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/top-indians-in-us-tech-industry/

Fashionara.com launches India’s largest online Flea market, “F.lea Bazaar” with 200+ sellers!

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/fashionara-com-launches-indias-largest-online-flea-market-f-lea-bazaar-with-200-sellers/

Educational background of some of India’s top business leaders !

Stories in Pictures – Ever wondered what the educational background of some of India’s top business leaders was ?

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/educational-background-of-some-of-indias-top-business-leaders/

How is India Inc onboarding the next generation ?

Industrialists passing on the businesses to their kids is not uncommon. Here is how the next generation of India Inc is being onboarded !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/indiainc/

“If you are not able to raise money it means that you are not ready to raise money yet!” – Manish Sharma of Printo

In an interview with Techstory, Manish Sharma, CEO of Printo, talks about the journey and future plans of Printo, building great companies out of India, hiring and keeping the right talent and competition and funding in the Indian market.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/printo/

Uber Valued more than $40 Billion after the latest $1.2 Billion Funding Round !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/uber/

Snapdeal Launches India’s First Online Store for the Differently Abled – Going the Tata Way?

Snapdeal took a fantastic initiative recently when it launched India’s first online store for the differently abled. The full story here on Techstory !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/snapdealdifferrentlyabled/

Inspiring Quotes from the World of Tennis !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/inspiring-quotes-from-the-world-of-tennis/



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