Woman gets traumatised not once but twice because of her husband

Abuse in relationships is a very difficult thing to handle, even if it’s just emotional. However, if things get too physical level as well, it is just better to leave that person and move on in life. But sometimes, we love someone so much that we give them another chance. This is the mistake this woman made; she was traumatised not once but twice because of her husband.

Woman gets traumatised not once but twice

She was married in 2016, and things were going quite great the following year, but in 2018 she started noticing some red flags.

So, she tried to talk to her husband. But he didn’t listen and started ignoring and avoiding her.

After that, she found out that her husband was having an affair with someone else. This in itself must have been quite painful. But on top of that, her husband started abusing her verbally and emotionally.Woman gets traumatised not once but twice

It didn’t stop there as he became even more violent and started being physically abusive. She was left confused and frozen.

After this, police were involved, and she left him with court protection orders.

But in 2019, her husband came back again in her life and said sorry. She was confused about what to do, but she let him back in.

Sure, the physical abuse did stop, but her husband never stopped the verbal and emotional torture. She was very much uneasy.

It continued for quite some time because she finally decided to move away in 2021. She packed her stuff and asked her parents to get her while he was away.

In October 2022, her divorce was finalised.

She then finally wrote that she told her story on this purple Thursday, and anyone else can too.

Watch the video here:


On this Purple Thursday, I share my story with you. It’s not easy for everyone and not everyone makes it out. But we can do our best. 💜 #starttheconversation #DV #survivor #gopurple #purplethursday #domesticabuseawareness #domesticviolenceawareness #browntiktok #muslimtiktok #mentalhealth #healing #divorce #fyp #viral

♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

The comments on the video were quite supportive and praised her for the step she took to leave her husband.

One of them wrote, “thank you for sharing your story; admire your strength and courage to confront this problem in our society.”

While another woman shared her story, saying, “Yea, queen!!!! Proud of you. It took me 13 years to leave my div was final on April fool’s day 2009 I’m married to my HS sweetheart now and so happy!!!”

This woman was traumatised not once but twice however, she got back up. What are your thoughts on this story? Let us know in the comment below. And, if you found our content informative, share it with your family and friends.

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