Discounts on Apple iPhones for Flipkart Apple Days
Discounts on Apple iPhones for Flipkart Apple Days

Discounts on Apple iPhones for Flipkart Apple Days
Flipkart has announced their Apple Days sale offering massive discounts on latest iPhones

Discounts on Apple iPhones for Flipkart Apple Days
Discounts on Apple iPhones for Flipkart Apple Days

Flipkart India, the e-commerce behemoth, has launched their new Apple Day Sale for the season! One of the key features of this sale will be the before-unseen discounts revealed for Apple’s flagship luxury items.

If you want to buy a new Apple flagship, particularly a new Apple iPhone, this sale season could be a great time to do so. We’ve gathered all of the pertinent information for you to review.

Apple Days discounts on Apple iPhones and more

The reductions advertised for these sales have reduced the cost, attracting a large number of customers. In addition to these savings, Flipkart has announced an additional bank deal. If you purchase your favorite Apple device through the Flipkart-partnered bank, HDFC, and Federal bank, you will be eligible for an extra discount.

In terms of discounts, the most recent new iPhone, the iPhone 14 series, where the base model, the normal iPhone 14, was released at a premium price of Rs. 79,900, has now got a reduction, bringing the price down to Rs. 74,900. This identical offer is also available in several Indian Apple stores, where it will be accessible till November 20th of this year.

This deal includes not just the new iPhones, but also the prior year’s iPhone flagship, including the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series.

According to the Flipkart listing, the base edition of the Apple iPhone 13 with 128GB of storage is reduced from Rs. 69,900 to Rs. 64,900. Not only is the 128GB storage option discounted, but the 256GB storage variant is also dropped from Rs. 79,999 to Rs. 74,999.

How can I get even more discounts for this sale?

If you want to gain even greater reductions than the specified pricing, you may do so through the exchange as well as bank offers. Depending on the condition of your smartphone, Flipkart India promises an exchange discount of up to Rs. 17,500. It will undoubtedly benefit consumers who are exchanging their older iPhones for better exchange rates.

In addition to the exchange incentives, you may obtain savings of Rs. 1500 if you use your Federal Bank card. This discount through Federal Card is only valid for older models.

However, HDFC Bank is offering an Rs. 5000 discount on the latest new iPhone 14 series. Furthermore, the exchange rate offered for this smartphone is slightly higher, at roughly Rs. 20,500.

If you want to buy an iPhone 12 series smartphone, you may do it at an even cheaper price with this model. The basic model with 128GB has been reduced from Rs. 64,900 to Rs. 55,999. Furthermore, even for this model, Federal Bank is offering additional discounts of Rs. 1500.