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Women Entrepreneurs Week on Techstory !


Here’s to all the strong Women out there. May we know them, May we be them, may we raise them! Celebrating Women Entrepreneurship on Techstory.in !

The times they are changing ! Today more and more women are climbing the corporate ladder, smashing the glass ceilings and taking that leap towards entrepreneurship. Gone are the times when the role of a woman was restricted only to taking care of the home and the family. Today women are making a mark in every field may it be science, technology, media, arts, social enterprises etc.

At Techstory.in we plan to celebrate the new age women ! We are therefore dedicating one entire week from 4th Jan 2015 to 11th Jan 2015 to Women Changemakers !

During this week we will be writing stories of women entrepreneurs who not just broke but smashed the glass ceiling to carve a place for themselves at the top. Women who dared to dream and changed their dreams into reality. We cover stories of some very inspiring women such as

  • Richa Kar, Co-founder and CEO, Zivame
  • Anisha Singh, Founder and CEO, MyDala
  • Ajaita Shah, Founder, Frontier Markets
  • Priya Maheshwari,Co Founder, Properji
  • Ashwini Asokan, Co Founder and CEO, Mad Street Den
  • Pragdnya Wakhalu, Founder, Mousai
  • Shammi Arora, Chief Product Officer at Vyu, Inc., Advisor to startups and venture funds
  • Bhawna Agarwal, Linkedin Power Profile 2012, CEO Luxury Retail Services Pvt Ltd’
  • Vineeta Singh, CoFounder of FabBag
  • Sukriti Vadula, President of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Foundation (RAIF)
  • Minnat Lalpuria Rao, ‎Founder & Managing Director, 7Vachan
  • Sneha Thakker, Founder and CEO,Thakker Technologies
  • Niketa Malhotra, CoFounder, Pulse Savings
  • Sumitra Senapathy,Founder, WoW Club
  • Parul Gupta,Founder, SlideRule
  • Shaili Chopra, Founder, GolfingIndian.com
  • Dipti Kasbekar, Founder, The Mesh
  • Seema Dholi, Founder and CEO, Farm2Kitchen
  • Noopur Raghunath, Founder at EKAVACH
  • Subbalakshmi Kumar, Founder,MathTweets
  • Surabhi Ganguly, Founder, Slyly Simple

During the Women Entrepreneurs Week we also plan to highlight a few topics that we believe should be put forward and discussed if we have to make sure that the Women Entrepreneurship wave moves ahead and progresses in the positive direction. Topics that highlight the importance of women in running a successful economy, how organizations with better gender diversity do better and how gender bias is still very much prevalent in our workplaces are some of the topics we will cover.

If all that wasn’t enough to inspire all the women out there, we also bring you some videos and some quotes from very famous women in history about how they made it to the top inspite of all the challenges.

All in all we promise a very exciting and very inspiring beginning of the year for all the Women out there ! Enjoy Reading!





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