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Workforce Management Start-up Rippling Secures $250 million Funding
With this new injection of funds, the valuation of the company has now jumped up to $ 11.25 billion USD

Start-ups from India are really on a roll as angel investors and fund management companies from around the world are now recognizing the ideas and business models that Indian entrepreneurs are coming up with. The pool of Indian talent is shining bright right now with a new funding now secured.

Rippling is a start-up that is based in Bangalore and San Francisco and focuses on the management of company’s workforces. The company announced that they successfully secured a funding worth $ 250 million USD in their latest round which was mainly led by both Bedrock and Kleiner Perkins a Swiss based and an American based company respectively.

Rippling by Business Insider

The company was founded 6 years ago back in 2016 and they create a system for their clients which unifies their entire employee database so that their role, pay grade, work done, and other details can be accessed easily in one centralised location. The company is a B2B business.

With this new injection of funds, the valuation of the company has now jumped up to $ 11.25 billion USD. Prior to this, the company received their first batch of $ 250 million USD funding under a year ago back in October, 2021 and the firm was valued at just over half of their current value at $6.5 billion USD. The company to date, has now received a massive $ 700 million USD as funding since their inception.

A lot of trust has been placed in this company with so much funding and for right reason. The company seems to be heading in the right direction as they came out to say that they were able to more than double their annual recurring revenue ever since their last round of investments under year ago in October, 2021.

According the company’s spokespeople, the data of employees is critical to functioning of any company and they need to be centralised, easily accessible and comprehensive at the same time.

Many companies use multiple systems and templates to track their company’s operations, but with Rippling, everything is stored in one space so that viewing. Accessing, and evaluating can be done easier.

They went to say that they are one of the largest and fastest progressing tech firms in the country as they even boast an annual recurring revenue in the nine figures. It has grown by three times over the past year and that they have even added close to 200 new employees.



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