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Working from home just got easier: Find legit jobs & internships at KillerLaunch.com

Takeaway: KillerLaunch.com is India’s leading job & internships search platform that aims at providing equal employment opportunities to its users, even amidst the pandemic. 

Many of us have lost our sole source of income amidst the pandemic, while some are struggling to take the first steps towards their career. Thankfully, there’s one platform that’s working to provide legit work from home employment opportunities to its users.


KillerLaunch.com is India’s leading job and internship search portal that is currently providing thousands of work from home jobs and internships opportunities to its users, be it graduates or students. So head over to the website now and find jobs in India from your industry- designing, writing, marketing, etc.


The recruitment platform is the solution to all our employment needs and comes in handy with its easy-to-use user interface and other tools, including its Resume Builder. Here are some of the reasons why we believe in India’s leading job & internship search platform, KillerLaunch.


KillerLaunch: Making Work From Home Easier for All

Advance or Build Your Career

KillerLaunch helps individuals hailing from every phase of their life to join the platform & build their careers. Students can start interning, thereby improving their resume for potential placement opportunities and working on their professional skills via WFH internships at KillerLaunch. On the other hand, freshers and graduates can find legit WFH jobs, helping them advance in their careers.

Create an Efficient Resume

KillerLaunch helps its users create the perfect resume to land their dream jobs and internships in under 5 minutes. KillerLaunch’s in-built Resume Builder allows users to create their resume instantly, just by answering a few simple questions.


One-Click Apply

KillerLaunch ensures that its platform can be easily used by its users to find their dream jobs and internships through its one-click Quick Apply option. A user can apply for jobs and internships on the platform using its Quick Apply button.

Multiple Industry Exposure

KillerLaunch helps you find jobs & internships from industries of your choice. You can find employment from the leading marketing firms to the top fintech companies in India. At KillerLaunch, you can be who you want to be, a writer, graphic designer, video editor, marketing head, and so on.


Head over to the leading jobs and internships platform KillerLaunch now. Don’t let a pandemic come in the way of your dreams. Find the best employment opportunities hailing from fields like media, marketing, content writing, venture capital in India, data entry, etc. at KillerLaunch- working from home just got easier.




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