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World Wide Web’s NFT sold for $5.4 million
The New NFT of original source code for the World Wide Web sold for a whopping $5.4 million in Sotheby's


Image Credits: Getty Images

The source code that forms the foundation of the World Wide Web is sold by its creator and the popular computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee in the Sotheby auction on Wednesday. The bid for the source code started with $1,000 and unexpectedly reached up to the mark of $5.4 million. The source code of the World Wide Web is sold as an NFT.

A few weeks back, Tim Berners-Lee introduced the new NFT of the World Wide Web, which came in the form of the World Wide Web’s original source code. This original source code of the information system WWW was developed by Tim Berner’s Lee 30 years ago and never thought of gaining any profit. Instead, the computer scientist distributed the platform free to contribute to digitalizing the world. Berners-Lee introduced the new NFT in Sotheby’s auction, and luckily, it sold at a great price.

After years of this invention, now, when the source code got a good price, Berners-Lee has no intention to keep the profits from this giant sale. In fact, it is announced that the entire amount of the auction will directly go to the welfare initiatives that Tim and his wife supports. While announcing the glad tiding, Berners-Lee recalled his journey in these 30 years of his career.

“The process of bringing this NFT to auction has offered me the opportunity to look back in time to the moment I first sat down to write this code 30 years ago, and reflect on how far the web has come since then, and where it could go in the decades to come. I am thrilled that the initiatives Rosemary and I support will benefit from the sale of this NFT,” said Berners Lee.

NFT and cryptocurrency is here to stay with the growing demand of NFTs, which is just like collectible crypto attached to the blockchain, just like the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum. It is said that NFTs are comparatively more stable than cryptocurrency.

An NFT could be any valuable asset, be it a video, image, painting, or any other artistic piece. The value of NFTs is rising day by day, and this massive sale of an NFT artwork has even raised the bar. Now all eyes are on the future of NFTs.



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