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Apple WWDC 2022: Most exciting announcements!

Source: PCMag

As you know, the most anticipated event of the year just took place a few hours ago. Yes, the first Apple event of 2022, and like previous events, this event was also streamed online. Just like what we have been seeing over the years, this time too, there were a lot of new announcements and releases which we will surely come to in a bit!

But first, As you probably are well aware, Apple Inc. is nothing but an American multinational technology company that is known for being specialized in consumer electronics, online services as well as software, headquartered in Cupertino, California, United States.

Having said that, every year, the global tech giant is said to hold a conference in order to announce the upcoming major software updates and at times announce its new products that are in the pipeline and are about to be launched in the international marketplace. This conference is known to usually be held in the San Jose Convention Centre in California.

In other words, Every year, to kick off the WWDC, Apple holds a keynote event. The keynote for WWDC 2022 was set to take place on Monday, June 6, with the Livestream kicking off at around 10:100 am Pacific time (10:30 am). Also, the said event is known to have been streamed on the Apple Developer App, Apple.com, Apple TV, Apple Developer Website as well as YouTube of course, with on-demand playback available.

Not to mention, this event is being hosted in an online mode and would last from June 6-10. In addition to this, apart from the online conference, Apple also hosted a special day for students as well as developers at Apple Park on June 6 in order to watch the keynote and State of Union videos together, along with the online community, thus adding an offline element of sorts to the event after nearly two years of being entirely virtual.

Apple’s WWDC 2022: latest updates

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To begin with, in the event, it was anticipated that it is primarily meant for several software announcements, but the rumor had it that, the tech giant might also unveil some new MacBook Airs too. Apart from this, Apple was surely expected to showcase the next iteration for macOS, IOS, watchOS, and iPad OS, while also giving us a look at its new reality OS, which is nothing but a software that is going to power its upcoming mixed reality AR/VR headset.

At this particular event, Apple was expected to be introducing us to the much-awaited IOS 16, the next generation of IOS that will be powering its next generation of iPhones including the iPhone 14 line-up that was most likely to be launched sometime in September this year.

Having said that, now let’s have a quick look at some of the exciting announcements made by the global tech giant, and let’s see as to how many of these rumors or reports were actually true!

WatchOS 9

Source: iDownloadBlog

Speaking of the WatchOS 9, there is a lot of new watches faces available now, including one that is based around the cycle of the moon as well as the metropolitan, which looks more or less like a classic watch face itself. Not just that, there are also a lot of new refreshed features like changes made to Siri’s layout and Apple’s podcast app to name a few.

Apart from this, as usual, a WatchOS update can never be complete without the updates made to health and fitness tracking and so, there are three new running metrics tracked in the latest version of the same which will surely give you a more complete look of not just your pace and speed but also your technique.

Also, Sleep tracking has been tweaked a little and gets new sleep stages feature. Not to mention, WatchOS 9 was a pioneer of sorts in tracking atrial fibrillation and so you can now keep track with history available and will also have a new medication section to help you keep track of that too!

IOS 16

Source: 9to5Mac

IOS 16 is surely the newest software powering iPhones around the globe and it sure has a few new tricks up its sleeve. Notably so, a few of them are surely inspired by Android. The first one includes changes to the lock screen as you can now personalize the same with filters, fonts, accents, color, swipes, taps, etc. It also allows you to add widgets now.

Also, Apple introduced live activities, thus giving developers a much more elegant way to deliver a lot of notifications, which will surely be better organized on the lock screen as well, yet another Android-inspired change. Not to mention the dictation works on the device and you easily switch between typing in and voice dictation.

M2 Chip

Source: Ars Technica

I know it may seem like just a few months ago when Apple launched the ultra-version of the M1 chip but Apple being the leading brand when it comes to innovation and has already come up with the M2 chipset, a true follow-up to the so-called industry-shaking M1 Chip.

Apple claims it to have an 18 percent boost in performance, while it also consumes less power as and when compared to the M1 chip. Also, M2 surely has a 10-core GPU, which is two more than M1. When you try and combine all the specks mentioned above, you get a powerhouse!

MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro

Source: CNET

So, we now have the much-awaited MacBook Air with an all-new M2 chip, and does not look like it used to but is a thinner version of the MacBook Pro. As a matter of fact, the device weighs just 2.7 pounds and is 11.3mm thick. Not to mention, it supports MagSafe as well, thus freeing up two thunderbolt ports while charging. Just like the MacBook Pro, the Air also features a controversial notch, however, it does have a 1080p webcam.

Apart from this, the second Mac with M2 is the new 13-inch MacBook Pro which looks like a shrunk-down version of other MacBooks. Both laptops will be available in July 2022 and the Air is said to start at 1,199 dollars, while the 13-inch Pro will start somewhere around 1,299 dollars.

macOS Ventura

Source: Apple

To begin with, Ventura’s flagship feature is known as Store Manager, which helps you to manage your open task much more productively and efficiently. When activated, the system will bring the app you are currently working on to the front center and move the rest of them to the side.

Some other tweaks include changes made to the Mail as it has a more advanced search and undoing sends. Spotlight surely is much more powerful now, having the ability to search text within images, making it Apple’s own Google! Not to mention, Safari now has shared tabs, making you capable of sharing work with family and friends.

Safari also includes Passkeys, which is Apple’s attempt towards removing text-based passwords. Moreover, FaceTime now supports Hand-off and it is worth noting that, macOS Ventura allows you to use your iPhone’s camera as a webcam, without any wiring.

iPad OS 16

Source: 9to5Mac

Most of the updates that iPad OS gets are similar to what we discussed in IOS 16 and macOS Ventura, even including Stage Manager. However, some new announcements made are not just specific to iPad and will come to other software as well. One of the main features is of collaboration, thus allowing you to share live documents with collaborators, making it very beneficial for work-in-progress documents.

Also, Free Form is a new collaboration tool, which is a virtual whiteboard within FaceTime calls. In addition to this, the new iPad OS finally gets more desktop-like features like better printing support and changing file extensions on the device itself. All of this focuses on blurring the line between the capabilities of an iPad and a MacBook.

Updates for Apple apps

Source: The Teal Mango

1. Apple’s iMessage now allows editing sent messages and supports unending sends and making threads unread.

2. Apple Maps are now rolling out to more countries with a lot of new features, most of which already exist in Google Maps.

3. It is now easier than ever to control and monitor your kid’s phone usage with Apple’s Family Sharing Center.

4. Apple photos now include an iCloud Shared Photo Library system, allowing you to share a private library of photos with up to five other people.

5. Apple has managed to redesign its Home app to make it more like Google’s similar Home app.

6. The Fitness app is now available to all iPhone users, which also includes those who don’t even own a connected Apple Watch.

Reading so far, I hope you have gotten a fair insight into what is Apple’s WWDC 2022 all about, and by now, I believe you would be more than excited for the releases of all the new announcements that are made by one of the biggest and most popular tech firms all across the globe.

In conclusion, what are your thoughts on Apple’s WWDC 2022? Do let us know in the comments area below. To know more about such reports, do check out other articles we have on our website. Thank you for your time & if you found our content informative, do share it with your investor friends!

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