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Xbox Changing Xbox Live To “Network”

Xbox Changing Xbox Live To “Network”

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Xbox Live is getting a name change in Xbox Network, with eagle-eyed fans discovering the new name on the console. In a statement to The Verge, the company said that Xbox Live will be referred to as the “Xbox Network” after the underlying Xbox online service was updated under the Microsoft Services Agreement. The spokesman also explained that the update for Xbox Live and Xbox Network is intended to distinguish the underlying service from XboxLive Gold membership. Microsoft has confirmed that some users have noticed the change while using the platform, but it will no longer be called Xbox Networks.

This means you can play games like Fortnite and others without subscribing to Xbox Live Gold, but you will be able to play them on your Xbox without needing an Xbox Live Gold membership. You don’t even need an Xbox Live Gold membership to play the games you play on Xbox, and it also gives users access to free monthly games. However, according to the Microsoft spokesperson, these titles are different from those offered through Game Pass.

New and existing members can continue to enjoy Xbox Network at the same price they paid today. The most important part of Microsoft’s statement is that the Xbox network should be distinguishable from Xbox Live Gold memberships. In all likelihood, the purpose of distinguishing the name from “Xbox Live Gold” is to give the Xbox brand new identity, because it is a cross-platform way of playing games and bringing mobile, console, and PC games together under one network screen. If you ask me, Microsoft has not made any changes to XboxLive Gold at the time of writing.

The biggest change that users will see, according to Microsoft, is the change from “Xbox Live Gold” to “Xbox Network.” The change was first spotted a few days ago by Twitter user EvilBoris, who showed an Xbox capture manager showing the Xbox network managing a clip.

This means that players are not yet pocketing the subscription costs of Xbox Gold, but it is worth noting that while you can share all Xbox One games purchased through Games with Gold, they will not be playable on the network until they are out of gold. This is a good thing because Xbox Gold will still have the same features and functionality as its predecessor, the Xbox 360 version.

Some rumors that Xbox Gold might be free have been circulating for a while, but they will probably eventually be shut down.

Although a spokesman denied any such change at the time, gamers can expected Microsoft to drop the name “Xbox Gold.” The spokesman clarified that the change is in line with the Xbox Silver, a console-only subscription level required for multiplayer games. but Microsoft changed it to Network instead.



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