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Xbox Game Pass has 2 Day-One releases for January 2022

Microsoft hasn’t revealed all of the games that will arrive on the Xbox Game Pass in January 2022, so fans are just waiting but just looking at the Day-One releases they have a lot to show, and there is still a lot to wait. With all games experiencing delays, the new year looks incredibly rich, and while it may seem like a slow start to January, there are still many great releases to look forward to. So far 2 Day-One releases for the Xbox Game pass have been revealed for January.

The Anacrusis Xbox Game Pass

Credit @ Stray Bombay

These 2 Day-One releases will ensure that Xbox Game Pass subscribers already have something to expect in January, but they’re really just the tip of the iceberg. As of this writing in January 2022, there are three confirmed games for Xbox Game Pass, although there will almost certainly be many more games to be revealed with more to come.

Whether your preferred platform is Steam, Epic, Uplay, or Origin, you can also add tons of new PC games to your wishlist. Nowadays new games include cutting-edge ray-tracing games as well as next-gen features, FPS, and co-op masterpieces. Whether you’re lucky enough to own an Xbox Series X or want that elusive Xbox Series X promotion, everyone can add something to their wishlist in this roundup of the most exciting Xbox Series X games to come.

The announced Day-One releases are as follows:-

  • The Anacrusis releasing on January 13.
  • Windjammers 2 releasing on 20th January.
Windjammers 2 Xbox Game Pass

Credit @ DotEmu

The highly anticipated sequel to Windjammers will feature gameplay similar to its predecessor, providing players with an arcade sports experience in which they have to throw a plate of frisbee at the enemy’s door. Windjammers 2 will offer many new gaming features that today’s gamers will love, such as online play support, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers can check it out for free at no additional cost beyond the regular subscription fee.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will need a few days or so to know all the games launched in the first half of January, and it will take about a week before they learn about the games that will be available for the service in January. Microsoft will then release two games in the first and third weeks of this month. All post-release updates, from new monsters such as Crimson Glow Valstrax to collaborations with Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter, will also be available on Day 1.

Due to Microsoft’s commitment to its gaming ecosystem, most of these new Xbox Series X games will also be launched on the little brother Xbox Series S and PC, and a large number of choices will also appear as part of the service. In 2022, Microsoft will only increase support for Xbox Game Studios large-scale games expected later this year, as well as some unexpected surprises and great indie games that will undoubtedly end at the end of the year.

It could be a PlayStation 5 exclusive for now, but Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda means Deathloop will almost certainly stop shipping on Xbox and will debut on Game Pass in 2022, although no official plans have been confirmed as of this writing. Day 1 games like Psychology Pioneers 2 and Forza Horizon 5 and the endless aura that makes Xbox Game Pass easy and must-have for any Xbox owner, and 2022 looks set to be an important year for service as well. Day 1 releases like Halo Infinite, Psychonauts 2, and Forza Horizon 5 have made the Xbox Game Pass a must-have for any Xbox owner, and it looks like 2022 will be a great year for the service as well.



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