Xiaomi’s 200-watts fast charging phone on the way

From having to charge our phones for 3 hours to get it juiced up to 100%, now most of us don’t even have to plug it for an hour. We have come a long way speaking about battery charging technology, but still, the companies continue to evolve. From 20-watts fast charging on Oneplus, now we have many devices coming with 65-watts chargers. Heck, the Lenovo legion device even supports 90-watts fast charging. So, most definitely Xiaomi’s 200-watts fast charging technology is going to be insane. And we can expect a device from the manufacturer supporting it, in 2021.

More about the Xiaomi’s 200-watts fast charging tech

Xiaomi's 200-watts fast charging
Image Source: The Indian paper

Recently, the Xiaomi Mi 10 launched with 120-watts fast charging. If we have some perspective my laptop charger is of 45-watts this shows how high the power output of the Mi 10 charger is. And now the company is going all out and bringing 200-watts fast charging tech to its smartphone. Reports suggest that technology and fully charge a device from 0-100 per cent in 15 minutes.

There has been no official statement regarding the same as well how the tech will work. But, if the rumours are true, the charging speed will be reduced by around 40% from 23 minutes in the Mi 10 ultra to 15 minutes. We cannot be even completely sure whether the rumours are true, but Xiaomi surprised us many times with new tech. So, it’s best to take these rumours with a pinch of salt.

Problems that might arise with the fast charge tech

Image Source: Avast blog

The biggest problem that comes with super-fast charging technology is the impact that it might have on battery health in the long term. It will also be interesting to see how Xiaomi manages heat dissipation because 200-watts is definitely going to produce huge amounts of it.

When implementing such a new high-power tech in a compact device, making sure that it’s safe to use is also very important. I am quite sure that Xioami is not going to launch the tech in their flagship devices and wait till they have mastered it. For now, we can expect a special device from the brand having the fast charging technology.

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