HT Aero presents a flying car that can also drive on roads

XPeng demonstrates eVTOL prototype flying around like a car

XPeng Huitian (HT Aero) shares a video of its eVTOL prototype moving around like a car in the air. The taking off of the vehicle and many things like steering were shown in the video. The developments indicate that the company is moving forward to reaching its promise to deliver “Flying cars” by 2024.

HT Aero presents a flying car that can also drive on roads
Image credits- Inceptive Mind

HT Aero is the rebranded name of XPeng Huitian, a majority-owned entity of XPeng Inc. and founder He Xiaopeng. Since its foundation in 2013, HT Aero has conducted over 15,000 safely manned flights with the goal of combining automotive and aerospace technologies to develop safe, domestic electric flying vehicles at scale. This began with the T1 eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle in 2019, followed by the X1 in 2020, which appears to be the model demonstrated in the video below, given that it doesn’t have a roof like the X2.

Speaking of which, the X2 is the company’s fifth-generation “flying car.” Although it doesn’t have wheels, HT Aero refers to the X2 as a flying car, because it shares much of the same design DNA as the XPeng P7 sedan. XPeng’s HT Aero has already shared video footage testing the X2 in extreme environments and high altitudes as it works toward delivering its sixth-generation model. This actual flying car was unveiled this past October and is scheduled to arrive in 2024 and only cost about $155,000.

Flying car

The latest flying car video was posted to the XPeng Huitian/HT Aero Weibo page on Wednesday, along with the following caption. “Many students are curious about how to operate a flying car. Huitian students are also actively exploring and experimenting. We hope that the final driving mode is as simple and easy to learn as a car. We are constantly experimenting with the ‘flying car control logic’ that integrates land and air to verify its feasibility; at the same time, we are also exploring other possible control methods.”

The eVTOL prototype is equipped with an XPeng Motors branded steering wheel, in addition, to a throttle on the right. It looks like the pilot uses the throttle to control movement flying up, down, forward, and reverse then uses the traditional car steering to move left and right. The footage does show promising progress in electrified flight and HT Aero is taking a unique approach to the design that is definitely more car-like. The steering wheel is a dead giveaway. The company has already bought the idea of having flying cars for its potential customers. Now the vehicle is only left to be delivered as they are working on completing the development of the vehicle.