You Could Get a Huge Discount on Your House if You Work in One of These Professions

Having one’s own home is a milestone to be accomplished for many people. It’s a significant possession that intrigues a sense of security, belonging, and comfort. Although, the process of buying a house and getting a mortgage can be a hefty financial expense, all the more it is often time-consuming and overwhelming. Luckily, some professions open up a chance to access exclusive discounts to make ownership of home more affordable. Here are some of the professions that can help you avail big discounts on house purchases.

1. Medical professionals

If you are someone in the medical field, here’s a good news! You are most likely to avail a huge discount on your future home from Nurse Next Door. The home buyers program offers grants of up to $8,000 and down payment assistance of up to $10,681. Furthermore, it provides a free appraisal (up to a $545 credit at closing), free access to (MLS) home listings, a discount on title fees for first-time home buyers, and a lot more.

Here’s a list of those who can avail the program:

  • Nurses (RN, LPN, NP)
  • CNA’s
  • Doctors
  • Medical assistants
  • Medical staff
  • Specialists
  • Orthodontists
  • Endoscopy/radiology techs
  • Lab techs
  • Chiropractors
  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • Hospital employees
  • Pharmacist

Moreover, there are several other federal, state, and local programs available to nurses and healthcare workers, including the State Housing Initiative Program (SHIP), Keystone Challenge Fund, and USDA Rural Program.

With these offers, medical workers can save tens of thousands of dollars on their home purchases and prevent a hole too big in their pockets. One only needs to show proof of their employment, and they are good to go. So, if you’re a medical professional looking forward to make a house purchase, this could be a golden ticket to fulfil your dream.

2. Teachers

Across the nation, teachers play a crucial role in shaping the futures of many people. That’s why there is a broad range of programs offering educators a special discount for home purchases.

The Good Neighbor Next Door Program offers teachers from pre-K to 12th-grade a 50 per cent discount off the list price of homes in certain neighborhoods. Teachers are required to live in the house for at least three years as their main residence.

Another home-buying program that offers discounts to teachers is Teacher Next Door. Similar to Nurse Next Door, it offers grants up to $8,000 and down payment assistance up to $10,681. Other than this, there are also many other federal, state, and local programs teachers are eligible for.

3. Military personnel


Military personnel face substantial challenges and risks for the safety of the nation. To honor their service, there are several federal and state programs that offer unique discounts on housing purchases.

Soldier Next Door is a home-buying program offering, among other things:

  • Grants of up to $8,000
  • Down payment assistance of up to $10,681
  • A free appraisal (up to $545.00 credit at closing)
  • Free access to (MLS) home listings
  • Free home buyer representation
  • Discount title fees

Adding to it, there are a whole lot of non-profits, like the Military Housing Assistance Fund, that pay for the closing costs for military members and veterans. If a veteran is looking to purchase a house, they can do their research to find the program right for them. Another popular program is the VA Loan program, that offers substantial benefits for those who eligible.

4. Police officers and firefighters

(Photo by KYLE GRILLOT/AFP via Getty Images)

Police officers and firefighters play an significant role in protecting communities and saving lives. Thus, there are several programs that offer them substantial discounts on home purchases.

Two renowned programs are Firefighter Next Door and Officer Next Door. Both programs offer a lot of benefits, including:

  • Grants of up to $8,000
  • Down payment assistance of up to $10,681
  • A free appraisal (up to $545.00 credit at closing)
  • Free access to (MLS) home listings
  • Free home buyer representation
  • Discount title fees

People working in law enforcement, on positions such as crime scene technicians, park rangers, and substance abuse counselors, are eligible for the program. Similar to the other professions, there are other programs officers and firefighters can apply for.