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YouTube expands its “Super Thanks” tipping feature to more beta users

YouTube Super Thanks

Source: InstaBumper

YouTube is one platform that people have been using for decades now and love to stream their favorite videos and music on it. The level of simplicity that the app has maintained since its launch has been incredible as is part of the reason why communities of people are creating content for YouTube while the rest sit back and enjoy videos from their favorite creators.

YouTube has grown tremendously in these past years and YouTube creators enjoy being on the platform because of the visibility that it offers and also perks like monetization and appreciation for reaching a set number of subscribers. However, all these years, YouTube creators and streamers have been using third-party applications to raise donations from their fans which can be for any XYZ purpose. The fact is that viewers make those donations to their favorite YouTubers out of their own free will but all of this was being done on third-party apps.

Not anymore, YouTube has recently launched its “Super Thanks” feature that brings the functionality built-in into the video streaming platform. While the feature is still in beta, creators are excited for this feature to roll out officially. According to recent reports, YouTube is making its Super Thanks feature available to thousands of additional beta creators in over 68 countries.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, the video streaming platform by Google is planning to make the feature available to every user in the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube says that it is important for them to add more ways for the creators to earn money, even if the company is late in offering this feature.

YouTube Super Thanks can be the beginning of a new era for YouTube because, with options like this, more creators would want to join the platform and create more content. Having said that, YouTube users using Super Thanks feature will be given four options to donate- In the United States, the donation amount starts from $2, $5, $10 and ends at $50 at one time. However, the figure of these donation amounts will change varying by market. Once the user finishes the donation process, creators will see an animated GIF of balloons floating across their screen and YouTube will pin comments from the user who donated along with the amount he/she donates.

You must be thinking about the generosity shown by YouTube in keeping its community happy by offering creators more ways to monetize themselves, right? Well, YouTube is a company and no company works without profit. YouTube will reportedly take a 30 percent commission off all donations that take place through the Super Thanks feature.

YouTube is in a competitive market with players like TikTok, Reels, and Twitch and this is one of those ways where the company tries to make a win-win situation for all by, of course, creating a whole new revenue generating stream for itself. a



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