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Mastercard is working on crypto wallet and exchange program

MasterCard is working on making crypto payments easier for users. They are currently trying to update their crypto wallet and exchange program in order to make things better. The company says that this will make it easier for banks and crypto partners to let their customers pay with crypto. This update from the company comes after Visa partnered up with an Australian company to issue crypto debit cards. Well, this kind of competition is much appreciated as it will boost the adoption of crypto.

Mastercard’s masterstroke

One of the major problems when paying with crypto is volatility. For a consumer, it still works, but for a business, if they accept a particular coin and it drops in value after a day, he won’t have the choice to HODL. A business will have to buy new items for the store or mall, and hence there is a constant need for funds. This is why the thing that Mastercard is trying to do is make the conversion of crypto to fiat much easier. It is a win-win situation for both, as we all know that businesses need fiat to deal.

Mastercard is working on crypto wallet and exchange program

The company also said that they are enabling the option to pay anywhere with crypto where Mastercard is accepted. This is just like Visa’s program, and combined; we might soon see consumers using crypto quite a lot. To make this possible, Mastercard has partnered up with several companies. They include banks like Metropolitan Commercial banks and Evolve Bank & trust that will issue crypto debit cards. Then we have Uphold and Bitpay providing the technology for crypto-wallets. And finally for processing their is Apto payments, Furthermore, I2c Inc among others.

The company aims at conversion of crypto to fiat but stable coins which don’t fluctuate in value. Mastercard is focusing more on the idea of making things easier for crypto companies to convert into fiat. If the process becomes easier, participation will increase, and so will the adoption. So, ultimately everything is quite positive for crypto.

What are your thoughts on the updates to the crypto wallet and exchange program by Mastercard? And do you think that they will also help in crypto adoption like Visa? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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