Youtube live streams

YouTube is Experimenting with Short clips on Live Streams and VODs

Ever seen a video on YouTube and looked at a specific cop over and over again? Or, let me take you back to the times when your favorite content creator was live on YouTube. There was this certain comment, or expression, or something that the creator did intrigue you so much that you cursed your luck for not having a feature that could capture just that clip, and you could look at it for as long as you want and share it with your peers too. I think we have good news coming our way.

Youtube live streams

As we all have already seen about how YouTube has always been successful about handling its issues and its user’s requests to the best of their abilities, this time, the platform has decided to take a step forward and create a feature that would enable the viewers to choose a clip from any video. The video can be a live stream or a previously uploaded one. They can select their favorite clip and keep it for themselves to share. However, the clip will be time-bound. The clip that the viewer is taking can only be of 5-60 Seconds.
This feature is very similar to that which is available in “Twitch.”

Some more ground features that are implemented by the platform are that the part of the video which is clipped will play on the original video but loop. All one has to do is drag the slider across the selected portion of the video and be well within the mentioned time limit.

Furthermore, the clipped video can be shared on various networking platforms and sent via email.
However, the feature is still in its testing phase and will be made available to only a selected few content creators and streamers across the world for now. The feature will first arrive on desktop devices, and Android and iOS will have the feature relatively later.

Also, the clipped video will have its own URL, and it can be made using the “clip” icon, which will be present where every other mainstream icon of YouTube is present.

Reaction from users –

Many reviews about this very feature have poured in positive results as people think this is an excellent feature to keep people from going through some tiresome hour-long videos and skip and share the “to the point” content.

Youtube live streams

The networking sites have also anticipated the amount of “meme content” will rapidly rise once this feature is launched. Still, this new feature is something everyone is waiting to experience all together.