Snaps from the Video uploaded.
Source: Yahoo News

YouTuber gets scam ring in India arrested after hacking into their office’s CCTV cameras

Snaps from the Video uploaded.
Source: Yahoo News

A content creator of YouTube purportedly hacked into the CCTV camcorders of a scam ring workplace located in India and collected ample amount of clue of scam to alarm the forces of the region, which resulted in the detaining of five people after a while.

The latest content shared by the YouTuber on July 3 related with his effort of getting the fraudsters detained using their office’s CCTV camera has picked up around a million watches across the site.

In the recording, people are shown a brief and summarized footage of the CCTV starting from June 13 to June 24 in 20 minutes. The uploaded contents starts with a clip of the purported fraudsters carrying out their job masquerading themselves as Best Buy’s Geek Squad technology assistance workers. It ended with a clip of the regional police of Punjab detaining those employees.

As depicted in the clip the fraud gang workplace appears astonishingly very much alike to normal workplace, with tables arranged in a line and tidily separated by dividers.

The uploaded video by the YouTuber shows around 2-5 individuals sitting inside the office at a flexible time, at time they have their headphones on, and sometimes they are captured while having a meal at small table located at the center.

These fraudsters appears to be youthful, most probably in their 20s or 30s. In the video these men have been seen wearing cozy casuals or a pair of slacks. A number instances of these accused fraudsters making a phone calls to the innocent people have been depicted in that video. Viewers can also listen then talking to the innocents.

A fraudster can be heard telling a victim that their company doesn’t want the person to get jeopardized or end up in a situation where they lose an object related to thier identity and that is the reason that the person’s computer is giving their company a signal so that he can make a call to public assistance of Microsoft and resolve for him.

He further said the customer that in order to fix the problem he needs to move forward with his work and the person can rely on him and give his computer to him and go and do some other work as he is currently carrying out the process and it might take around 30-40 minutes to fix the issue completely and get a knowledge about what is going on with the computer. He then said that he will make a call to the person after he gets the information about the problem.

The fraudster then  called back the person after around 60 minutes and asked him to pay a huge amount in order to initiate a fake antivirus on his computer.

After collecting all the information related to the matter the YouTuber informed about it to the regional police after which they themselves got an access to the CCTV of the fraud gang office and alerted all the innocent people about the scam and detained those men on June 24.