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Zerodha App Down For Many Users During Trading Hours

Zerodha app was down For many users during peak trading hours. While the order processing issues were resolved within hours, Zerodha users had to suffer losses due to the outage, there is a long list of complaints on Twitter. Along with the serious Zerodha error mentioned above, below are some of the corrupted customer tweets received by Twitter, where platform crashes cause the app to fail, the website to fail, etc. Investors were unable to complete trades on time and suffered losses. Reading the above tweets, we can conclude that the majority of investors have run into problems due to technical issues arising from the fact that the Zerodha platform was not adequately equipped to process large transactions, or there were some problems on the seller side.

Zerodha App Down For Many Users During Trading Hours

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Zerodha, India’s largest retail broker, is facing connectivity issues causing a backlog of orders placed on the system. Numerous technical issues have been reported, including technical issues, system outages, and connectivity issues, especially during high market volatility days and F&O expiration days. The brokerage firm has faced the wrath of customers on Twitter as they complained that pricing and trading hang on its platform during trading hours. Zerodha is up and down and service users are unable to log in. The Zerodha application does not open, trading does not start, the site does not enter. A lot of users took to Twitter to voice their complaints about the exchange brokerage platform Zerodha.

As of December 2020, Zerodha is India’s largest retail stockbroker by active client base, accounting for over 15% of daily retail volume on the Indian Stock Exchange. While it took a few years for Zerodha to gain its first thousand users, nowadays it has 4.5 million monthly active users and is the largest trading platform in the country by trading volume. Their motto is simple, without understanding the market, there are fewer opportunities to trade or invest. With an emphasis on education, Zerodha has so many mobile users that they created a free mobile app called Varsity, which makes it easy for users to gain knowledge of the stock market. When educating users about the ins and outs of derivatives trading, you must have educational components and risk analysis tools to help them learn the basics.

Zerodha considers this particularly important, even creating so-called “nudges” that will alert the trader if they are moving too fast, such as making too many trades in less than an hour. If a client who has lost money due to Zerodha’s negligence files a support ticket, Zerodha tries to shift the burden on the client by suggesting ways to make the platform work properly. The Zerodha Coin is an app designed to provide services regarding mutual fund investing, while another app named Zerodha Varsity provides education about the stock market to its users. After the exchange closes, Zerodha performs all accounting and settlement processes on its post-trade platform. Apart from this, an investor can also buy mutual funds on the Zerodha’s Coin mutual fund platform. You can buy shares from there, but after buying them, there is no information about what you bought and how they performed.



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