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Zerodha CEO: About 90% of us Will Work from Home
The core team will work on a hybrid model.

The chief executive officer and the co-founder of start-up Zerodha, Mr. Nithin Kamath came out to say that most of their employees will be working from home permanently from now own. Out of the 1100 employees of the company, close 950 of them will be working from home and will not have to come to the office for the most part.

He also said that the main team of the company will adopt a hybrid working mode as they will work from home and come to office regularly, but the other employees do not have to and will be working from home.

The company is a financial tech company that offers a whole range of financial services. The company was founded 12 years ago in 2010 and is based in Bangalore.

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During the coronavirus and ensuing multiple lockdowns all across the nation, the company was forced to shut their offices and switch to a work from home model. To assist his people who have to work from home, he set up satellite offices in the smaller cities and towns in Karnataka. Satellite offices are smaller areas to work set up by the company that is away from the main office. This is mainly done so that employees that live far away from the main office have a place to go work productively. This method can also relieve the main office and even reduce overhead costs. Belgaum, a city on the North Western tip of Karnataka is one of the homes to this type of work space.

They said that their decision to continue work from home and make it Indefinite for the time being was not a difficult and went to say that people are enjoying staying at their home town and working from there. The productivity levels are also quite good. The pool of talent that is situated at Belgaum is a great asset to the company and that they have many employees living there. People cannot afford living in Bangalore due to rising prices and housing and have flocked to Belgaum where they can live comfortably.

Zerodha is one of the biggest success stories in the start-up world of India. The company attained the status of a unicorn and grew well past it even though they have not been funded at all by an external funds. This means that the founders who are now billionaires still own a massive chunk of the firm and they have even managed to grow consistently and stay profitable every quarter.