Nithin Kamath

Zerodha Founder Nithin Kamath On Being Rejected To Be Granted Verified Mark On Twitter

Nithin Kamath



Nithin Kamath, one of the co-founders of the broking company Zerodha, was just rejected of being given a verified mark (the blue tick) by Twitter.

Zerodha recently had announced that it will be giving an annual salary of ₹100 Crore each, to all three of their co-founders. The three founders are Nithin Kamath, his wife Seema Patil, and his brother Nikhil Kamath.

The company has been doing tremendously great since the last two years and Nithin also announced that they will be buying back their workers’ and employees’ shares that will value the company at $2 billion, which is double than the value of the company last year.

Although the company is doing great, the micro blogging platform- Twitter still rejected Nithin’s request for getting verified.

Twitter said that Nithin’s profile “does not meet our criteria at this time.”

However, Nithin seemed to have taken this in a light way and did not feel bad. Instead, he tweeted about this in a humorous post which said- “Twitter @verified just reminded me of my school & college days, almost always rejected.”


On hearing the news that Twitter refused to grant a verification to Nithin, the netizens and the Twitter users were seen to be outraged.

Even Kunal Shah, Founder of Cred, a fintech company who lets users pay all their credit card bills from its one app itself, also commented on Nithin’s Tweet.