Team BetterPlace

Zomato partners with BetterPlace, launches experience center for delivery partners

Team Zomato and Team BetterPlace

25 February 2019, India:

Food delivery firm Zomato, today announced the launch of its first experience center in Bangalore for providing a uniquely differentiated experience to its delivery partners right from their sourcing and on boarding to various benefits.

The Bangalore-based center will be managed by BetterPlace. They will be directly responsible for managing several delivery fleet-related activities like getting the candidates to the Centre, educating them about the job and earnings, verification of documents, interviewing, on-boarding them, and getting them ready for the job with Zomato app installation, training to use the app, bag, uniform, grooming, etiquette and soft skills training, and much more.

Team BetterPlace

Mohit Kumar, COO, Food Delivery at Zomato, said, “We firmly believe that our delivery fleet is the backbone of Zomato’s online ordering business and our partnership with BetterPlace is a factor of our core beliefs. With the experience centre in picture, we expect to not only enable our delivery partners to benefit heavily from it but, also hope to see an improvement in end user experience.”

The Experience Centre will also partner with players that provide loans and offers for getting a smartphone or a bike, exclusively designed only for Delivery Partners. The center expects to on-board ~200 delivery executives per day.

(Image – Zomato)