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Zomato to Postpone Quality Policy After Pushback by Restaurants
The new policy is set to crackdown on food quality to provide clean and healthy food to the public

Indian food delivery application start-up, Zomato is set to postpone their new policy pertaining to quality and hygiene after they decided that they will look to check out the comments and feedback of the policy from their restaurant partners around the country.

The policy is set to be extremely strict as restaurants will not be allowed to sell their food on the app for a set amount of time if any terms and conditions are violated by them. If the app receives a complaint from a consumer about a restaurant pertaining to quality issues, Zomato are set to take swift and hard precautions to make sure it does not happen again.

The policy was originally supposed to roll out on April of 18th, today, but the company has decided to push back to the 3rd of May, in two weeks. The policy includes, the presence of dangerous items in the delivered food, serving meat in a vegetarian order, preparing a type of meat not ordered by the customer, and delivering expired and spoilt food all come under the terms and conditions of the new policy.

Zomato driver by Deccan Herald

According to official sources, Zomato had sent an email to all their restaurant partners and other main share holders asking for what they think about their new policy and if they have any issues about its terms and conditions so they can have a more holistic approach to it so that all parties involved have full information about the policy progress and so that everyone involved are benefitted rather than just Zomato and their stake holders.

The start-up is also working close with representatives of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) to get their new policies approved and to make the necessary changes if required.  The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India put out a public statement saying that will invited Zomato’s new policy with open arms saying that they will work close with the start-up to ensure that food of the highest quality will be delivered to the Indian public.

The National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI) has criticized this policy by saying that they are crossing the line with their involvement with restaurants even though their intentions are positive. They have said that the policies leave a lot of grey areas which seems quite ambiguous and the punishment to suspend restaurants seem quite harsh and backwards. It seems like the new policy will be a hit in the long run, but Zomato needs to refurbish their terms and conditions in a way that makes it more effective.



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