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Zoom announces a new SDK to help developers better understand integration


Source: Medium

Zoom is a California-based software company that enables online communication through video, chat, voice and content sharing. The app has been well rewarded in name during the COVID-19 induced lockdowns when people were forced to stay inside their houses and work. Zoom has been known for connecting people during the pandemic peak lockdowns and majority of businesses have relied on its services for video conferencing and virtual meetings.

Having said that, the platform is aiming to expand its services in the near future and in order to do that, it is offering developers with a new SDK that would help them to understand Zoom integration within software and services and allow them to use Zoom’s services for their own tools.

SDK is basically known as Software Development Kit and Zoom has introduced its new SDK to help developers embed Zoom video services inside multiple applications for better integration and enhanced user experience.

The video conferencing company envisions applications to embed Zoom video services in a diverse variety of applications including social applications, gaming applications and even retail applications to give users the best experience.

According to a report by TechCrunch, Brenden Ittelson, Chief Technology Officer at Zoom mentioned in a statement that Zoom has developed its new SDK as a part of a broader set of services as it also announces a Central Developer Portal to enable developers to take complete advantage of the developer tools the online communication’s platform has to offer.

He further added that Zoom has created developer.zoom.us as a central hub for developers as a single point of reference where they can go and learn all about all the tools and resources that Zoom is developing for the developers to help them take full advantage of its services.

Natalie Mullin from Zoom published a statement in a blog post saying that Zoom’s Video SDK will enable developers to leverage all of Zoom’s industry-leading communication services including HD video and audio quality for online communication and several other interactive features to further allow them to create video-based applications with Zoom integration. The company also targets developers to create interactive desktop experiences with enhanced user experiences.

Zoom believes that its existing set of tools for developers along with this newly developed SDK will provide them with a broad variety of options for integrating Zoom services within their applications or embedding their application into Zoom services. The company has made very flexible working decisions for developers and this move will certainly take the company’s business to the next level giving them phenomenal opportunities to offer enhanced user experience.



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