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Estimated worth of ₹ 395 lakh crore is required to convert India’s unorganised agriculture sector in to organised sector – Deepika Sharma.

New Delhi –

At starting of 2014, Miss. Deepika Sharma was deputed as Agriculture Head for establishment of Human Resource agriculture economic concept, which was very crucial part of H.R. economic model.

What is H.R. Economic Model?

Under mission of developing word third Economic concept, since after capitalism and communism, that is very ambitious / enormous project to provide next-generation economic concept to mankind for better development. Aforesaid project was divided into major parts –

  1. H.R. Agriculture sector
  2. H.R. Medical sector
  3. H.R. Education sector
  4. H.R. manufacturing sector
  5. H.R. service sector

What about Agriculture H.R. Economic concept?

As per above-mentioned, Agriculture sector of HR economic is very crucial part of, H.R. economic model. During March 2014, Miss Deepika Sharma accept the challenge for designing the Indian agriculture sector under H.R. economic concept accordingly.

Key concept of H.R. Economic Model –

  • Human resource is an absolute asset, it shall be the part of National H.R. Account. While, the mankind has no intellectual capability to evaluate the human resources and further the convert aforesaid valuation into monetary fund.
  • H.R. Economic Model is capable to evaluate human resources by using tool of H.R. Economic Model, thereafter, aforesaid valuation to be converted into monetary fund.
  • In current Economic Model, the mankind is capable to use accounting standards only, while H.R. Economic Model shall be capable to run accounting standard and economic standard simultaneously.
  • Main power grid shall be centralised unit of H.R. Economic Model.


Deepika Sharma. Assignment for agriculture H.R. economic concept –

  1. Agriculture H.R. economic concept is being a part of H.R. economic model.
  1. Primary task bars for or get evaluation of learning capacity of whole Indian farmer.
  1. To design new next generation agriculture economic model in perspective of India.
  1. Earning valuation to become part of national capital H.R. account.

Miss Deepika Sharma explain that, she was visited personally with his team, all 29 States and 8 Union Territories in rural and urban areas during 2014 to 2016.

She most emphasised upon actual problem facing by farmers . thereafter She most focused on the infrastructure investment to solve the aforesaid difficulties of farmers. 

She explained that, we face more difficulty for assertion evaluation of earning capacity of farmers and also design infrastructure project was a crucial task, because of, in rural area of various state, are differ each other in respect of their farming requirement. 

She further explain that we have done valuation of $40 trillion (3000 lakh crores approx.) Against earning capacity of Indian farming, meanwhile only 15% of aforesaid valuation, approx. 395 lakh crores investment is required to convert almost whole agriculture sector into organised sector. 

Upon questioning for, what would be real picture of agriculture HR economic model. Miss Deepika Sharma state that, in same regard, any official reply shall be issue by higher authorities of H.R. Economic model and officials of Government of India jointly. 

However, she confirmed, that she has been submitted, a plan for 45 Mega Agriculture hubs along with 4232 Agricultures hubs and 20361 Sub Agriculture hubs in their project, estimated for Rs.395 Lacks Crores. Aforesaid proposal included Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Poultry and Sea Foods. 

Meanwhile, Miss Deepika Sharma describes short brief about mechanism of aforesaid agriculture Economics Model , she explain that first we have to evaluate the farmer earning capability through using the tools of H.R. Economic model because of earning capacity is an national asset which is part of National H.R. capital account, Thereafter Aforesaid assets to be converted into monetary fund as per agriculture sector investment requirements. 

Miss Deepika Sharma confirm that Rs.395 lacks crores estimated has been enclosed under 15 trillion dollar proposal, which has been submitted on 7th May 2020 before the government of India, is still Pending. 

Miss Deepika Sharma said that, as soon as India adopt H.R. economic concept, we shall be capable to utilise future earning capacity for current infrastructure need.

Various economist seem to be satisfying with Aforesaid agriculture economic concept, it may be new revolution for farming sector, which provides biggest employment opportunity to India .



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