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Leverage Facebook Shops as a Sales Channel to Grow your Ecommerce Business

If you’re a small business which is not using Facebook Shops to boost sales, this is why you should be:


  • Leveraging Social media now plays a vital role in the eCommerce industry, attracting potential customers to your storefront and even offering a new channel for direct sales.
  • Online stores that have a social presence have 32% more sales on average than stores that don’t
  • Facebook gives you an advantage by giving you access to eCommerce features to reach shoppers like granular targeting, tracking and advertising elements.


Marketing and technology have become the norm to create and maintain visual brand awareness. Basically allowing you to engage with targeted users to attract new customers and keep returning customers excited for more. 


To get the most out of Facebook Shops you should think of it as a fully integrated sales attribution channel to boost your Ecommerce brand.

In this article I will be showing you how to leverage this to your advantage. You will need to have already set up a Facebook Shop which is quite an easy process and considering the potential Ecommerce boost it can give your business, it is worth your time!

Facebook Shop

Reaching out to potential customers 

When you are reaching out to potential customers using Facebook shops there are literally no boundaries since you can reach out to a global audience. 


It may seem difficult at the start, but each happy customer will make it easier for you to find new customers by supporting your businesses with real customer engagement. This allows you to build trust from new audiences.

Implementing the right strategy for your business goals allows you to get explosive results, and is probably one of the easiest ways to boost your marketing strategy.
Most used social media platform

A recent study from SmartInsights showed that Facebook has by far the most active users, so starting with Facebook Shops to boost your Ecommerce is definitely the way to go in 2020. 

Brand awareness and how to create it

Social Commerce is booming at the moment, the trick is that most businesses are not just showcasing products and features. They are creating a brand culture allowing their business to be more personable to their customers and to potential customers. 

Social networks act like a domino effect by opening the doors for two way communication allowing customers to talk to each other and to you about your business. The more awareness your business gets the more potential customers you reach.

With the right strategy this obviously should not only increase the volume of sales you have but it helps to increase repeat customers which makes each customer more valuable.

Social Path to Purchase

A recent study by Global Web Index showed that 43% of consumers researched the products via social networks, so you would be missing out on almost half of the opportunities by not jumping on this wagon!


Frictionless and streamlined checkout process

Facebook Shops allow your customers to purchase directly from Facebook if they choose to do so. This allows you to enhance customer experience with a frictionless process.

Basically you are eliminating the need to fill out checkout forms to make a purchase, making it a much easier and faster process that can be done on the go. This reduces the amount of abandoned checkout carts. 


Your customers can also easily compare products, check out reviews or directly communicate with other customers that have made purchases in their trusted network. 


In this example you can see that the customer can simply choose Facebook Pay and without having to fill in any details they can easily make a purchase even if it is the first time. 

Keeping up with consumers

Social commerce is the future of eCommerce and without it, businesses are missing out on conversions from targeted social demographics, but even if you are integrating social commerce with your existing channels how do you keep up?

It is a lot of work to keep gaining new customers and having repeat customers so make sure you stay on top of your marketing strategies and keep them cohesive across all channels. 


Using Facebook publishing tools can help you keep your content coming in a steady flow and make your customers excited for your next post. 

Publishing Tool

Once you have tried a few different methods you will quickly realize which ones work best for your marketing goals, so focus on these with small variations and watch your Facebook Shop become an optimized tool for your marketing goals. 




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