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1.58 lakh Tesla Vehicles recalled in US over safety defect

Tesla’s are supposed to be safe, as said by the company. But apparently, in the US, 1.58 lakh, Tesla Vehicles got recalled over a safety defect. This comes as a surprise to many as the company has actually made huge safety claims regarding their EVs. And, I am not saying that those claims are false but US regulators recalling 1.58 lakh vehicles of the company isn’t a small thing either. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration pointed out the issue in the vehicles.

What went wrong with Tesla Vehicles?

The highway administration of the US said Tesla that there is a problem with the display of their Car. It is resulting in failures of the rear camera and other safety functions of the vehicle. And the range of vehicles that have this defect isn’t minor. According to the reports, some Model S vehicles manufactured between 2012-2018 has this issue. And also some Tesla Model X’s manufactured between 2016-18 have this issue. The investigators of the US concluded the conclusion that the failure of the display is a safety issue.

Tesla vehicles recalled

With the failure of media controls and loss of access to the rear camera, there is a huge potential for a crash. Though there has been no report on a car crash due to this issue, the chances of injury or death are certainly high. Other issues that can be caused by the Media control unit’s failure are the autopilot system, windshield defogging, driver sensing units, any form of an important alert, and more. And all of these issues in an autonomous Electric vehicle increases the chances of a crash by a huge margin.

What happens next?

The vehicles’ failure rate is so high that the US regulators asked the company to address the issue. If Tesla follows what the US regulators have to say, they are supposed to notify all the defective vehicle owners and provide them a solution. Tesla or Musk is in no way bound to follow the request, but if they don’t, it will have a very negative impact on the company’s image. And if they do, it is not going to be easy because of the sheer size of the issue. But whatever the company decides to do, they need to provide an explanation by 27th Jan regarding the problem. All of this might lead to a downfall of the company’s share prices and also affect the number of deliveries they make in 2021.

What are your thoughts on the huge no of Tesla Vehicles recalled in the US? And Do you think the company should focus more on quality control? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content important and informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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