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LG’s brand new 4k laser projector comes at $2,999

With everyone staying at home more than ever, the need for a quality entertainment setup has increased. People are buying large TVs and entertainment sets to enjoy their contents on. But for those who want to take their media viewing experience to a whole different level, LG’s brand new 4k laser projector costs $2,999. The projector has support for AirPlay 2 and will be available from 18th January all over the world.

More about LG’s brand new 4k laser projector

The laser projector is called the HU810P and supports an image size up to 300 inches. The brightness of the projector is also very high at 2700 ANSI lumens. There is also support for standards like the HDR10 and HLG HDR for high-quality videos and high dynamic range. The support for these standards allows the projector to produce images that are very high in contrast and with inky deep blacks. LG’s projector also has some smart features built-in. This allows it to automatically adjust the video one is watching based on the room and the content of the video. Therefore, the entire viewing experience is elevated and is very customizable.

LG's brand new 4k laser projector

Some of the customizations that the projector can do, is automatically adjusting the brightness according to the light in the room. This is done by using the device’s ambient sensor present on the device. LG’s projector also supports variable frame rates, which means it can change its frame rate to 24fps if you are watching a movie and go to a higher frame rate while using the UI and viewing other content.

This is the 2nd projector launched by LG, the first was launched by the company in 2018. Well, comparing with that, it seems to be a great upgrade. It also offers a 20,000 hours rating for the projector’s laser. This means even if someone uses their projector for 10 hours daily, it is bound to last for 5 years at least. For the price it is coming that having that peace of mind is necessary.

UI of the projector

The UI of the device is excellent, it comes with WebOS 5.0. This means the device supports Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, and other streaming services natively. So, now one can enjoy their favorite shows on a 300-inch 4k display and make the most out of their time. But what is a high-quality video without a good audio output? And for that, the HU810P has support for eARC output. There is also support for Google assistant and Amazon Alexa built natively on the device.

What are your thoughts on LG’s brand new 4k laser projector and is it a little too expensive? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative and useful do like and share it with your friends.

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