10 Digital Gift Ideas for Celebrating Golden Wedding Anniversary

Maintaining a relationship for a year is no joke and keeping it at a stable pace up until 50 years is extra bliss. A very small percentage of couples get to experience golden wedding anniversary. Staying afloat amidst a normally wavy married life is something worth celebrating. And that celebration calls for a gift extraordinaire which is equivalent to the years and years of surpassing the variety of struggles being together.

In today’s world, shopping need not be tacky as digital gift ideas are just around roaming the internet. As long as there is internet connection, access to online shops and virtual marketplaces is as easy as simply handling the present all packed and ready to the beloved recipients. Here are some of those choices worth considering:

Dancing Couple Figurine in Gold Plate

A wedding anniversary gift is supposed to bring back memories of love for both the husband and wife celebrating so both should be considered when picking up a gift for them. Personalized crafts sold online come in different tastes and shapes so there will surely be a maker of a figurine, gold-plated, to commemorate the beautiful occasion of bearing with one another for five decades long.

Sparkling Photo Plaque

A digitally ordered gift can be this lovely. Look for one which features the wedding photo of Mr. and Mrs. have it patterned in gold. This can come in elegant crystal with gold splatters and sure enough to make the wedding day memorable. Match it with a Scriptural Verse which suits well to a well-maintained relationship.

Wooden Charcuterie Board

A wooden frame will do but if it can be bound by a golden frame, that would be exactly suited to the event. A constant reminder of the long years of the couple being together is best placated in this type of present. Have the names of both the couple engraved in the board along with their wedding date and the 50th year anniversary date. This will immortalize their being together after all these years.

Classic Golden Anniversary Wall Clock

Time spent together is of most essence during this time, and this is something worth looking back. Make it worth the celebrants’ will to check time and see how far they have come starting from the day they tied the knot. This memento may look simple, but it will classically revive younger feelings of love and adoration.

Lustrous Yellow Plate

Encapsulating the photo of the couple at the center of the plate and that’s it. The idea is to remind the couple of either their first dance or their wedding dance and having a concrete reminder of it inside the couple’s home would spark loads of joy. Having something that symbolizes a special day of a wife and husband’s younger years will be plain perfect.

50th Anniversary Gold Rings

Keeping the love alive for such a long time has all started with a pair of rings to brand the union of the husband and wife during their wedding day. Their rings are either gone, have gone smaller it no longer fits their finger, or for whatever reasons it is no longer around. This is the best time to take advantage of ordering them again a golden ring.

Then and Now Wedding Portrait

Going for the unique and relevant is the trend when looking for gifts online. Simply commission someone who does great painting or photo-enhancement tasks and have them come up with a frame with photos of the couple during their wedding day and their latest picture together before the day of their golden wedding anniversary. The couples would surely be delighted seeing how they have grown in love for so many years and hanging your gift up their wall would be very thoughtful.

Complementary Golden Mugs with Heart Handles

Who would have thought that a couple could last being together to as long as 50 years? When that time comes, they should best have a couple of coffee or tea holder to remind them daily as to how strong they can get considering everyone around them in their married circle has been falling out, divorcing, or have remarried yet.

Customized Photo Book in Black and Gold

When the couple have had still images of the event during the day they wed, it was either boring or in black and white. Nonetheless, it holds too many memories it could bring them or their children tears. Gifting them with something digitally ordered such as aa Photo Book with their photos of being together over the years, with a beautiful transition, from black and white to colored would just be perfect.

Golden Key Chains

In case the couple will hold a party, or one will be held in favor of them, the best giveaway souvenir afterwards would be key chains in gold plates with contents to announce the successful married life they sustain from the very beginning up until their 50th wedding anniversary onwards.