10 gadgets that will make studies effective

Whether you’re a pupil, a student (or a perpetual student), these gadgets will help you learn not only productively, but also enjoyably.

Technology has moved on, so today’s pupils and students need an arsenal of tools to help them learn new things successfully. Here are the gadgets you should buy to make learning easier and more effective.


A light alarm clock

It can be difficult for first graders to get used to a new daily routine, and it’s no easier for high school and college students returning from summer break. To make it easier, we suggest getting a light alarm clock that will help you wake up naturally. This gadget comes in especially handy in late autumn and winter, when the sun rises late.


Of course, parents and teachers don’t like this device for being a distraction. But a smartphone can be used not only for entertainment but also for learning. Many apps can help you learn a foreign language and even math, for example.

External battery

To stay in touch, you need a battery charger. We recommend that you choose a light and compact one so that it won’t weigh down your backpack or bag.


A smartwatch is a great multitasking aid – reminding you to move when you’ve been sitting up at homework, or of some other burning deadline. Some smartwatches come with a tracking function: such a model is especially suitable for younger students – thanks to it parents can track the child’s location. In addition, you don’t have to worry about losing the device because it clips comfortably to your arm. In case of emergency, there is an SOS button.

Desk lamp

A desk should have good light at all times. It is best to choose a lamp with adjustable brightness so that you can choose the most comfortable mode for working with your books, notebooks, or computer.


You can’t avoid computers at school or university these days – pupils have to prepare papers and take part in projects that require presentations. A monoblock is great for all these tasks: its large screen makes you feel comfortable to work on, especially when you need to open many different tabs and several programs at the same time.


It is often better to work with text in printed form: it is much more convenient to prepare a report if you can make notes in the margins and highlight key points. Therefore, a printer is a must-have. And what else is there to print essays and abstracts on?


This device will hold a lot of books that you don’t have to carry with you to school. Of course, the paper format of books is indispensable, but the tablet will definitely help at least partially save space in your backpack and energy. In addition, it has several useful features and numerous apps are available that will diversify not only study but also leisure time. With such a device, you don’t have to think about who will write my lab report, because you will be able to do your homework comfortably wherever you are.

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are a must-have for foreign language classes or for those who need to work with video and sound frequently and extensively. You can work without disturbing others, and if you get bogged down listening to audio assignments in English, you can walk away from your workplace (at least to another part of the flat).


A gadget you can’t go anywhere without – not at work and not at school. Homework, preparing for exams – a laptop can collect all the most important information and always be at your fingertips. When choosing, pay special attention to the computer’s weight and battery capacity – optimally, the device should be lightweight and have long battery life.