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Free and useful apps for students

Students spend a lot of time every day on learning processes that seem endless. But what if you could simplify them and free up time for leisure or other tasks? Our special selection of the most popular and free apps can help you do just that.

For those who (well, very) hard to get up in the morning

Puzzle Alarm Clock – for Android users who constantly wake up and are late for class. It’s not just an alarm clock, it’s a real puzzle. To turn it off, you’ll have to solve a few logic problems, and only then the app will ask for confirmation that you’re awake. But if that doesn’t help, the app will prepare another batch of puzzles to wake you up completely.

We’ve also found the equivalent of this app for those with iPhones – Alarmy. This app won’t let you just switch off your alarm clock and go back to sleep. With various fun missions and randomly selected loud melodies, it’s easy to wake up. There are puzzles, photo and barcode tasks, as well as memory exercises.

If you can’t concentrate or forget to take a break

Clockwork Tomato is an Android timer app to help your brain switch and rest intelligently. The classic version is based on 25 minutes of work/5 minutes of rest, but this ratio can be changed. This way you can distribute your time wisely, focus on your studies and not overdo it if you get carried away by the process.

For iPhone users, we have found an analog: Tomato Timer. The beautiful minimalistic design will not leave anyone disappointed. Here you can also set your working and rest times, and the app will remind you of the end of a session or the start of the next one. Well, if you don’t have proper study and rest regimes, then we advise you to turn to the essay writing service so that you don’t damage your health and keep good academic performance at university.

Personal translator in your pocket

Not studying for a language degree? Even so, the first two courses teach foreign languages. Microsoft Translator is a handy, fast, and fairly functional dictionary that works even without the internet. Another advantage is that it will search for the right word, even if you have written it wrong or with a typo.

What to do if you need a book, but can’t take it

In this case, the Scanbot app is a great helper. Sooner or later, everyone has to access library materials, some of which cannot be taken out of the reading room. You may not steal them, but you can scan them. This app can also be used to immediately sort photos into folders so as not to confuse them, as well as to convert them into PDF format.

One app for all document formats

Textbooks and supplementary reading material can be stored on your phone for convenient reading at home, on the move, or when waiting in line. This will speed up the learning process and free up time and space. The FBReader reader, which supports all popular formats, is an excellent choice for this purpose.

Renowned trainers in your home

Most students want to keep fit, but lack of time or money means they can’t. Nike+ Training Club is a free and convenient training app. There are several training areas: cardio, strength, and stretching. Each exercise is explained in detail and shown by famous trainers. This app will be a good substitute for classes in the gym, as well as a great way to relieve your mind.

Thank you for reading to the end. We hope you find it useful and that you have more time to relax.

For scheduling appointments and meetings

ToDoist is a simple scheduler with a user-friendly interface. In just a couple of clicks, you can schedule a meeting or a training meeting. Perfect for those who don’t have time for detailed notes. But even so, it also allows you to sort your notes into groups, keep track of deadlines, and set reminders. There is also motivation, such as “karma” points, which are awarded for tasks completed on time.



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