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100+ Free Printable Fax Coversheets – CocoFax 2020

You must be wondering why you need fax for sending important information and documents to the reception. But you will be amazed to know that it is still considered one of the most important pillars in the business world.

Almost all the businesses, no matter if they are working on a national or international scale, prefer waxing when it comes to sharing sensitive information and confidential documents. Along with fax printable fax sheets are also required. It does not mean that you have to fill these sheets manually like the one you do in the traditional fax system; in fact, some online fax systems require fax cover sheets as well. 

In simple words, these cover sheets cover the message for the information acting as an envelope containing the ID of the sender and the address of the receiver. It also does not refer that one cannot send a fax without a cover sheet. In fact, the fax using the cover sheet gives your fax a professional and more formal cover. This is why many organizations and businesses prefer sharing their documents along with fax cover sheets.

CocoFax is an online Fax service provider; it is widely used all around the world by billions of professionals to share their sensitive information and design the fax sheet according to their company’s layout involving the company’s logo or signature. It also allows the users to include the pertinent information of the company. 


The message is covered with fax sheets that help the receiver to distinguish between the formal and the regular messages. Mostly the one containing cover sheets is read immediately, then rest. CocoFax service offers 100+ fax cover sheets allowing you to choose the one that fits best to your needs and match your company style.


What is the purpose of a Fax cover sheet?

The fax cover sheet is like an envelope which covers the fax. It contains much sensory information about the organization or the sender, time and date, subject, and some other relevant details. These details help the reception to figure out if these faxes are essential and need a quick read. In simple words, it provides an overview of what fax contains. The key features of the fax cover sheet are the following:

  • It acts as a guard for the fax document and prevents the information from stealing.
  • It does not let the irrelevant deception to open it in case you have missed type the fax number. A password protects most of the cover sheets so you can rest sure that only the relevant person will see the documents and read the information.
  • Last but not least, it shows a confidential clause or a HIPAA disclaimer upfront. And only relevant persons can make a way through them to view the document.

What are the parts of a Fax cover sheet?


1. Letterhead


It is present at the top of the sheet and covers your company name and primary details. It also contains a company logo. Sometimes it has the street address, zip code, fax number for the phone number of the organization. It is not necessary to write all these in the letterhead instead try to keep it short and brief. Just use any of these things to help the reception identify the sender just by looking at it.

2. Sender and the receiver information



After the letterhead, there comes the information about the sender and the receiver. As a sender, you should add your name, organization name, your brand name, designation, fax number, and mobile number, and the reference you are using to send the fax. The same information is required to be filled in in the receiver section.


3. Statement purpose


This part is usually kept empty for the receiver. Once you receive the fax, he decides when and how to proceed. In the statement purpose, they fill whether to review, reply, or add comments to the fax.


4. Subject


In the subject section, you need to write a brief detail for a keyword of the document you are sending. It helps the reception to figure out what the document contains. Moreover, they can make the decision based on the subject, whether to read the fax right now or keep it for later.




This is the final section of a cover sheet. The comment section is not necessary to be a part of every sheet so you can keep it, but if you are sharing something very important, you must not skip it in order to know what your reception is thinking about your document.

What should you include in a cover fax sheet?

Depending on the design of the sheet, there are different options. Moreover, there has always been a debate about whether or not to use the cover sheets along with your fax messages. But if you are sending the fax to higher authorities, do not forget to add a cover sheet since it will add value to your message and help the authorities to identify the purpose of the message.

Always start by writing the name of your organization .It is recommended to add your organization’s logo in front of its name to make it more powerful. The next step is to write your name, designation, and organization, and your mobile phone and fax number. Enter similar information for the receiver. Add subject, and there you go. This is all you need to write down in the cover fax sheets.

Always fill the most relevant information that will make your fax handled and read timely. Remember that whether or not to use the sheet is up to you.

How to make a cover sheet?

Making a cover sheet is very simple. Once you have composed your fax, go to the templates available online on the CocoFax dashboard. Click on any of these to add them to your fax. There are 100 plus templates available on the official website of CocoFax accessible to all users.



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