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How to Use Butt Connectors: Beginner-Friendly Guide

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Connecting wires securely to each other and/or to a wire terminal is fundamental for the security of the whole electrical construction. One of the best ways to connect two end wires into a strong, durable one is using butt connectors. Such an element creates a reliable compression-type electrical connection if used properly with high-quality wire crimping tools.

When in search for multi wire connectors, you need a reliable online shop. WirefyShop.com has some of the best wire connectors and tools that will make any application convenient and strong.

Types of Butt Splice Connectors

There are three types of such electrical multi connectors, all available on WirefyShop.com:

  • Heat-shrink (insulated, usually waterproof).
    Heat-shrink butt connectors are mostly used in outdoor multi wiring, automotive, and industrial applications, where the environmental damage is the most expected. There’s an adhesive lining inside of these connectors that help seal the splice neatly when using heat to shrink the insulation.
  • Vinyl (insulated).
    Such a terminal has a vinyl sheath and is also insulated. This type is most commonly used for connecting small wires (#10-#22 AWG – American Wire Gauge). Due to the construction, there’s no need for taping. Vinyl butt connectors are considered the most adequate and economical given you use it for small cable applications.
  • Nylon (insulated).
    Nylon butt connectors are more suitable for rough conditions because this material offers a better solvent and temperature resistance. These are a good choice if you need a stronger connection. Such splices have either straight or flared end openings which are responsible for the connection strength.

Among other multiple wire connectors (2-pin, T-tap, ring, plug, etc.), butt connectors are considered the most convenient in use.

Connecting Wires with a Butt Connector: A Step-By-Step

Here’s what you’re going to need:

  • Wires;
  • Butt connectors of the needed size from WirefyShop.com;
  • A crimping tool.

And here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Strip the outer sheath of both wire ends to the length needed for connecting them with a butt splice;
  2. Make sure you have the correct color of the connectors (it should correspond to the size of the wires);
  3. Put the connector from one side onto the exposed part of the wire;
  4. Check if the metal part of the splice connector covers the exposed part of the wire completely;
  5. Connect the metal parts of the wire and the connector tightly with the crimping tool;
  6. Check if the connector and make sure the sheath covers the exposed wire completely one more time;
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 with the other wire.

Some tips on connecting wires successfully:

  • Always determine the size of the wire before buying butt connectors;
  • If used in your auto, make sure the type is resistant to environmental damage;
  • Check the presence of an electrical charge before beginning;
  • If you’re not sure you can handle the situation correctly, contact a specialist.

This step-by-step should be enough to properly install one in your car or at home, but be sure to consult an electrician if you have doubts.



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