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Enhance the beauty of your ankle by wearing unique anklet

Anklet is an ornament that have been worn by women and girls over 8000 years ago, it is evident that the ancient women’s in Egypt has worn anklets and also in various civilizations too. Anklet is a very important ornament in India, Indian women’s wear anklets with their sarees and it’s also a tradition in India to wear anklets. In Unites States anklet became fashionable from 1930’s, in western culture both men and women wear leather anklets. Women’s are fond of many ornaments but anklet is the only ornament which represents romance. Everybody wants to look attractive and presentable to the people around them, in that case it drives the people to look for various kinds of jewelry and among all those ornaments I would say the precise and subtle one is an anklet. It’s an ornament worn around the ankle and hence coined the name as anklet. Women’s from different countries and different parts of the world prefers to wear anklet, in spite of religion, nationality, sex, culture and tradition.

The most preferred materials of anklets are silver, gold, leather, beads etc., and there are combination of these materials too for example gold anklet with diamond stones can be used. Pearls can also be used. Gold anklets are mostly used by high class peoples which denote their luxury. Investment might be high but you will get a good quality and a high durability in return, and also it will not cause any allergic reaction to the skin. Our ancestors would say not to wear gold ornaments below the waist because gold is defined sacred and is considered to be ill omen and disrespectful, but the scientific reason behind this is gold ornaments keep the body hot so to neutralize the body temperature we can wear gold ornaments above the waist and silver below the waist.


Anklet symbolizes

There are different meanings for wearing an anklet based on what type of anklets you are wearing and on what side of the ankle they are wearing and you can wear either in left side or in the right side. Some wears on both the sides. In India it’s common to wear on both the sides. If a women wears an anklet on her left side of the ankle which means she is already married and open to a relationship. If a women wears anklet on the left side of her ankle means she is happy in her relationship. You would wonder why it only speaks about relationship, because in the ancient times anklets are used to represent or to symbolize the martial status, which was given as a gift from groom to the bride.

Scientific reason of wearing anklet:

Wearing gold anklet helps in the flow of positive energy inside the body, and produces a lot of electrical current in a body, silver reacts with the earth’s energy and gold reacts with the body’s energy. It is also believed that wearing an anklet ones energy is not wasted and re-vibrated back into body itself. Anklets made of gold and silver constantly rubs the ankle and makes the bone stronger and also adds beauty to a women. Ayurveda medicines are made of some precious metals ashes, so the same benefits can be gained while wearing some precious ornaments. We all have heard about acupuncture, it’s is a treatment given by pressurizing a particular nerve or a point, the same is done by wearing an anklets which pressurize a particular point and increases the blood circulation due to which the related organs are benefitted.


How to wear Anklets:

Many people love to wear anklets but they aren’t sure how to wear anklets or what to wear on what occasion or how often they can wear, what material to choose. Wearing an anklet depends on one’s personal style and taste and it’s all about the comfort of wearing, you can wear it at the beach, at a casual summer party, or at a festival. The main thing you have to consider is which style you want to go for and the fitting that you are expecting. When comes to wearing an anklet u will be confused whether to wear it above the ankle bone or below, for this I would suggest that there are many anklets that can be adjusted either tight fitting or a loose fitting according to one’s comfortable. The preference of the anklet also changes depending upon the footwear that you are going to wear for a particular occasion, decide whether you are going to wear a sandals or shoes before choosing the anklet after choosing the footwear you can take the measurement of the ankle using string a ruler so that you can select a perfect anklet using a good measurement and information. Soft tape on the other hand can give you the perfect and direct measurement. It’s important to choose the footwear prior because, some anklets are meant to be worn just on the bare ankle. 

Types of Anklets:

As we already discussed there are different types of anklets and it created with silver, platinum and other precious metals, it is also made with normal materials such as leather, synthetic, nylon, and other kind of materials. There are flexible and non-flexible anklets too, choose based on your preference and make sure it doesn’t harm your skin, in western countries mostly younger females use anklets and in rare cases older women’s also use anklets. Anklets are a fun accessory to wear and you can also add this anklet chain to your boots which looks more elegant. Last but not the least choose the right anklet in the right setting and position, wear it with pride, have the confidence in you and believe me you will look outstanding. Anklets helps in blood circulation as has many health benefits too, this beautiful jewelry can cure swollen heels too. So anklets are worn not only for enhancing beauty but also has more health benefits, even today many are unaware of the health benefits of anklets.



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