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11 of Trump’s Truth Social’s Sleaziest Snake Oil Advertisements

Former President Donald Trump is planning to continue to surrender Truth Social, the impoverished platform for social media he established since being pushed off both Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, both Facebook and Twitter had also encouraged him back in recent times. That’s terrible news for Truth Social, that either, as with all social networking sites, generates revenue by catching customers’ consideration simply to show them ad campaigns. If somehow the trash dump marketing which already contaminates the site, as disclosed by the New York Post, that’s any evidence, it’s tough to fathom how Truth Social’s advertisements could get much worse.

The numerous times poster-in-chief hasn’t yet published on either Twitter or Facebook, greatest probably linked to just a selective distribution service agreement with Truth Social. But that lapsed in June, as well as he published a message here on launch pad considers its tweets “Truths”—that popped up to serve as a final goodbye.

To put it politely, Truth Social is having troubles although with Trump nevertheless uploading. However according reporting requirements, the webpage ignites $1.7 million at least. Truth’s Operating officer Devin Nunes aided his wretched social networking site as a “superlative stadium for enterprises to communicate with an exceedingly interested audience” in a press statement. Truth Social’s entrepreneur, Trump Press & Innovation Organization, did not respond to requests for comment on its tv commercials.

Letter: President Donald Trump 'premier snake-oil purveyor of our time'

The credible source is a rubbish dump of evident snake oil, armaments, natural remedies for diseases which also afflict the older, false items, and many other bullshits.

Investigate the trusted source that’s also reaping the benefits of this exhilarating money-making opportunity for themselves. God has no idea whatever the framework might very well stare like that if Trump tweets “bye-bye” to Truth.


Trump Communication & Innovation Group, guided by Devin Nunes, works Truth Social. Nunes’ compensation was $7 million annually in the year 2022, because according Talking Points Document. Numerous different senior managers who left the company entailed chairman of innovation Josh Adams as well as chief of design and development Billy Boozer.

Truth Social was said to have been having economic and legal problems since about expected to hit. The Truth Social software has been originally unreachable on Play Store due to a violation of Web initiatives precluding violent threats as well as inciting violence, but was authorized for Play Store in October 2022 within a week of consenting to enforce generally pro initiatives.