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Google Looking to Hire Self-driving Car ‘Drivers’


(Pic- androidauthority.com)
(Pic- androidauthority.com)


13 May 2016, USA :

There’s excellent opportunity for people living in arizona to be part of something big and unsual, Yes! Google is looking for drivers to drive their ‘Self-Drive’ cars. Sounds weird?
But true, Google has placed an ad looking for “vehicle safety specialists” to be contracted for one to two years of autonomous driving field work.

Google needs drivers to sit behind the steering wheel for six to eight hours a day to road test its self-driving cars in Phoenix.


The drivers will need to be able to take over control of the car if necessary, a requirement for the cars to operate on public streets. And they will have to able to type 40 words a minute to write up “detailed, accurate feedback” reports to Google engineers.

You’ll be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement to keep Google’s top secret stuff top secret and you’ll need a clean driving history for all that non-driving you’ll be doing. You’ll have to be able to type at a blistering 40 words per minute and not have a history of sleeping at the wheel. You’ll be expected to provide concise feedback on the nothing that happens all day to Google engineers and you’ll be asked to take a bunch of car training courses, to help with the whole no driving part of the job.

Google will reportedly pay $20 an hour and sign drivers to 12-month to 24-month contracts, executives with the program told the Arizona Republic.

Won’t sitting alone in a self-drive car be like you’ve hired a driver?
Worth a try!