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15 Most Valuable Technology Companies in the World (2020)

Interbrand has determined its annual listing of best global brands of 2020. The list is majorly dominated by the technology industry as it is known as the fast-growing leader of all segments in the market.

The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the retail sector in the whole world and the emergence of technology has boosted like never before. Strong brands have grown in brand value to approximately over $2 trillion. The top 100 Global Brands has grown by a percentage of 10% from last year.

The Pandemic has pushed the retail sales of e-commerce website Amazon-like never before; the company has grown a significant percentage in brand value. There is crucial learning that other brands can inculcate in their businesses from the best top 100 global brands. The economic resilience that is noticed in all of these brands come from their relevance in the market, networking with the customers and most importantly, leadership qualities.

Charles Trevail, Global CEO of Interbrand mentioned in a statement that there are specific common qualities in all of the top 100 global brands which give them the key to power up through the economic crisis the world is in.

The biggest Top 15 most valuable global brands of 2020 are:



Credits: https://rb.gy/ieq5bt

The iPhone maker has recorded a brand value of $3, 22,999 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/4ajviw

Amazon’s brand value as recorded by Interbrand’s report is $200,667 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/1hkuu0

According to Interbrand’s report, Microsoft has hit a brand value of $166,001 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/zc7ioj

Interbrand has analysed the brand value of Google to be $165,444 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/evv3ue

Samsung’s brand value is said to be $62,289 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/eiuiiw

Intel’s brand value is recorded to be $36,971 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/yl92ug

Facebook Inc.’s brand valuation is worth $35,187 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/nn7p8o

IBM is close to Facebook’s brand value with $34,885 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/nphsxr

According to the list, Cisco’s brand value is worth $34,119 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/ngwglb

The photo and video-sharing social media platform has a total brand value of $26,060 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/8bndbd

Adobe counts at a total valuation of $18,206 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/yureoa

Widely popular video streaming website from Google is worth $17,328 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/unjt0z

Interbrand valuates Tesla at a brand value of $12,785 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/wk2oez

Visa is known to have a brand value of $12,277 Million.


Credits: https://rb.gy/zbmetz

eBay, according to Interbrand’s reports is listed with a brand value of $12,277 Million.


These are 15 of the Top 100 Tech Global companies that are dominating the industry with their brand value.






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