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FAU-G: Akshay Kumar backed PUBG alternative game releases first teaser

PUBG Mobile has recently been banned by the Indian government over security and privacy reasons and because of political rivalry with China. As the battleground game was highly popular in the country, many mourned the event.

However, Indian game developers eyed opportunity to showcase their potential and fill the cavity created in the Indian market to announce the development of a new game- FAU-G which stands for “Fearless and United Guard). PUBG was a highly popular game and Indian gamers were not really sure on what to expect from Indian game developers, until now.


The upcoming mobile game, supposed to be the alternative of PUBG is based on the heroics of the Indian Army who have plenty of stories to be written as India’s proud history. FAU-G has recently released its first teaser and India is extremely excited.

Credits: https://rb.gy/i83mck


The game is backed by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and on the occasion of Dussehra, he tweeted about the triumph of Good over Evil and released the first teaser of what the game will look like. The first teaser of FAU-G has been released on the Internet, first tweeted by Akshay Kumar, who is known for his brilliant acting, his patriotic roles and discipline towards life.


The game is about a mission where the Indian armed forces will presumably fight over the conflict with enemy forces. The players will be depicted as members of the Indian Army and will further take on the missions of the game.

FAU-G developer, nCore Games’ founder Vishal Gondal earlier issued a statement mentioning that the famous Battle Royal mode which everyone loved on PUBG will not be available just upon release.

The teaser is about India’s recent conflict with Chinese armed forces at the Galwan Valley Border. FAU-G is claimed to release soon, the initial release date was set in October this year, but according to recent reports, the game shall now be released in the coming weeks of November 2020.

Gamers are excited about this game and are hoping that the game will reach the expectation bar set by PUBG. There are expectations that the game level will match and create a colony online player eco-system that will drive the individuals with the same enthusiasm as PUBG Mobile.

Credits: https://rb.gy/ieq5bt

There are expected details to be released soon especially now that the tease has been released.

PUBG Mobile developers that are US-based have recently removed all ties with China’s Tencent who had the rights to the Mobile version of the game over India’s security and privacy concerns. PUBG Corp. will likely try and enter the Indian gaming market again as it is untouched and far from saturation.

It has been speculated that FAU-G will not replicate PUBG in any way, instead, there is an original storyline of Indian Armed forces that will drive individuals to play.





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