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Twitter to Show Ads to People Who See Tweets But Aren’t on Twitter







17th may 2016, USA :

Twitter is expanding the reach of its ads. Twitter timelines that are displayed in third-party apps will now be able to show ads within their feeds, creating a new revenue source for both parties.

By integrating Twitter Kit with MoPub publishing platform, ads can be piggybacked onto the content you’d normally find in a tweet. It’s the first time Twitter is letting developers advertise directly within Twitter, which will also relate to off-platform content as well.

But this update is the latest push in making Twitter a more attractive tool for app creators to use for revenue, as it faces competition for developers from Facebook’s Audience Network, the Google Display Network and Yahoo’s mobile ads. Twitter’s ads are powered by MoPub, an ad inventory startup the company acquired in 2013.

Twitter announced the move today in a blog post aimed at developers, but the news is also aimed at investors: For nearly two years, Twitter has been telling Wall Street that it has an audience much bigger than its base of 300 million active users, because lots of people who aren’t Twitter users still see Tweets.

Now it can start making money when that happens.





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