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200,000 Buddhists Gathered on a Giant Screen Via Zoom
This gathering was held online to Celebrate One of Their Holiest Holidays


On Friday, over 200,000 Buddhists got together via a Zoom conference to celebrate Makha Bucha Day. Makha Bucha day is an important event celebrated by Buddhists across the globe on the full moon day of the third lunar month in the country Thailand.

How was this festival celebrated before the pandemic?

This is an annual prayer observed by a lantern ritual and is an eminent Buddhist holiday. On non-pandemic occasions, a huge number of individuals would accumulate at the Dhammakaya Temple in Bangkok, Thailand, the outlet stated. Albeit the sanctuary didn’t get that numerous in-person visits on Makha Bucha Day this year, it sure got a ton of virtual guests.

Post Pandemic festival celebration

Sanctuary authorities expressed that they chose to have a virtual function as a safety measure because of pandemic limitations. Pha Sanitwong Wuttisangwo, the Dhammakaya Temple’s interchanges chief, revealed to Reuters that innovation assumed a vital part in the function this year.

The chief said that with the innovation that we have today, we can associate with individuals through Zoom so devotees can go along with them on the web.

While this surely isn’t the first mass occasion to be held on a web-based platform, seeing a 280-meter-long screen (920 feet) loaded up with faces is a significant sight.

Furthermore, albeit the virtual members couldn’t visit the sanctuary and light a flame, authorities ensured there was somebody in their stead. A gathering of 1,000 Buddhists was available to light candles for the sake of the service members.

This improvisation and cautiousness have inspired people across the world to accept the “new normal” and carry out the activities dear to them while being extremely cautious.





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