Facebook privacy lawsuit dealt with $650M settlement

Facebook privacy lawsuit dealt with $650M settlement

A judge has beaten his gavel for what it is know the largest-ever settlements of a privacy lawsuit, settling with the Facebook to pay $650 million to users who claimed that Facebook was behind creating and storing the scans of their faces without their knowledge, permission, consent or whatsoever.

This case which is apparently a  class-action suit, was filed against Facebook earlier in the year of 2015 in Illinois. It is believed that this suit had deep rooted connections with the facial recognition that the company uses to tag friends in photos uploaded to Facebook alongside creating links to the friends’ profiles, making it ‘Two birds- one bloodbath story’.


The site’s Tag Suggestions program produced programmed recommendations by utilizing outputs of recently uploaded pictures to recognize individuals in recently transferred shots. The claim asserted that the outputs were made without client assent and abused Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act, which manages facial acknowledgment, fingerprinting and other bio-metric advancements in the state.


Attorney Jay Edelson, who filed the lawsuit, gave the following statement in January of 2020-

Biometrics is one of the two primary battlegrounds, along with geolocation, that will define our privacy rights for the next generation,”

Further he adds that-

 “put at least $345 into the hands of every class member interested in being compensated,” Donato said in his Friday order approving the arrangement. “By any measure, the $650 million settlement … is a landmark result,”

Facebook has already been in controversies when it came to privacy of the users and here is how memers make tweets of it-