Now Its Easy To Manage Links, Newsletters and Calendar Events Courtesy Google Inbox


20 April 2016, USA :

Google is rolling out an update for its Inbox. It includes some new features for keeping up with events in Google Calendar, among other things.



First up, Inbox now gathers together emails from a single event. This lets you quickly glance to see what’s changed. When you tap on an event, you’ll see an up-to-date overview with all the information you need. People’s plans change, and thus event details do too. Instead of reading through every email trying to figure out the new time or location, Inbox does the work for you.

For instance, if a colleague sends you an invite to an event, you can view all related emails and changes in one place. That could save you several minutes of digging through your emails to find an old message.

Meanwhile if you’re subscribed to any newsletters, you can now preview them right from Inbox, without having to open up a browser. Inbox will then minimized the newsletter’s you’ve read to save some space.

But the best and simplest update might be the ‘Save to Inbox’ feature. How many times have you emailed yourself a link or file, because it’s just the simplest way to keep your information in one place? Save to Inbox make it even simpler.

To take advantage of the new features on iOS or Android you’ll need to install the latest version of the apps, or you can make use of the new Inbox by Gmail Chrome extension on web.

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