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EdTech Startup Notesgen Crosses 400k Users, Raises $100k Angel Funds


Image : Google

23 August 2016, India :

Notesgen – World’s first and fastest growing peer-to-peer notes eXchange platform for students to learn and earn, has crossed 400k users, raised $100k in angel funds and enhanced its product to become the first platform to offer personalized notes feed for each student based on their preferences, keywords and field of study.

Notesgen is an EdTech startup focusing on building a notes eXchange platform where students can upload their study notes so that other students can benefit from the same.

The company announced a complete product revamp to support personalization technology. This includes features like allowing students to register their field of study, keywords and search terms which are used to create individual oriented notes feed from their databases with highly relevant and useful content for the user. Additionally, students can download Notesgen curated 25,000+ notes from professional educators and top students as recommended content. A powerful search-based trending content feed mechanism has also been added so that students can check out the top content related to their interest.

 Manak Gulati, Founder & CEO said, “Students make notes to understand a point or concept better in their own way. This individualized way of understanding a concept gives other students key insights and learning that is unique about Notesgen. This is the reason we are seeing over 400k users from 100+ countries without any marketing spends.”

Notesgen has also improved integration with cloud-based storage to enable students to upload notes easily from dropbox, google drive and other repositories. It has also improved social sharing of notes and introduced a bonus credit system for user referrals. The UI/UX has been revamped to make it easier to identify credibility of authors, preview notes better and get notified for wish-list faster.

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