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3 predictions of the online gambling tech developments

In many ways the future of online gaming technology is already here. The foundation has been built and from here it’s a matter of improvements in processing power and connectivity. Thanks to machine learning and other advancements, online gaming is becoming a more customized experience. Here are items to look for in the future that will spark deeper interest in this money-chasing pastime.

1. Evolution of eSports

Video game graphics have continuously improved every decade. In the past decade esports that simulate cricket, soccer, football and other sports have become enormously popular. Organized multi-player games have already helped drive a good percentage of the emerging online gaming industry.

The main drawback to the multi-player format is players often get dropped due to slow internet speeds. But 5G will usher in a much faster data transmission speed that should eliminate latency problems. Once more stable connections become the norm, the improvement will encourage more people to join the revolution. Machine learning will further improve the gaming experience by generating better algorithmic-based matchups between players.

Online gambling is growing in popularity and the only thing that threatens to limit or disrupt its growth is government intervention. If you want to learn more about current online betting, this is how it works. Currently, the factors online casinos use to attact players include bonuses and fast high payouts. Online casinos essentially simulate real-life casinos with sports betting and various gambling delights such as cards, roulette and slot machines.

2. Digital Currency and Blockchain Payments

One of the most understated developments in digital technology is the advent of digital cash and easy, safe ways to pay for things online. One of the emerging developments in digital cash is blockchain technology, which facilitates bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions. The reason blockchain has a clear place in the future of ecommerce is because it provides high quality cybersecurity along with consumer convenience.

The microtransaction model has proven to be a winner for gaming developers. Charging incremental amounts throughout a game to help the player gain competitive edges has generated billions in profits for the world’s most popular video game, Fortnite. One of the reasons it’s so widely played is that it’s a multi-platform game that can be played on smartphones, desktops, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo’s Switch device.

Blockchain will transform online gaming in various ways for developers and players. The technology can be used by developers from around the world to collaborate on creating new games. A company called Polyient Games invests in startups that integrate gaming and blockchain. For players, blockchain can be used to store player resources, such as weapons. Blockchain will inspire further monetization of game elements.

3. More Intense AR and VR Development

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) will converge to deliver even more sophisticated gaming. AI technology will be part of the marketing in which machine learning will get to know each individual player from previous gaming behavior. It will open the door for more customized gaming – whether the player wants to be a driver, shooter or whatever.

AG and VR will help boost the popularity of online gaming, as humans will interact more with animation and other visuals. The arrival of 5G will play a role in giving players more options and capabilities, due to wider and faster connectivity. Furthermore, the VR experience will naturally be higher quality because of 5G. The promise of lower latency will inspire more people to participate as games on mobile devices become more seamless.

Perhaps the people whose excitement level will be most elevated with nextgen technology will be those who currently have slow desktop or mobile connections. Once they see the magic 5G delivers, these people who have been missing out on AG and VR adventures may finally realize the recreational value of interactive technology.


The future of online gaming technology is already written in many ways, as it will grow from the groundwork of existing emerging technologies. Online gaming is already omnipresent, but in the future players will have even greater convenience to play anytime from any location. Since big data keeps getting bigger, expect games of the future to handle more heavy activity.



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