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The SEC reached a settlement with 3 Bitconnect promoters for over $12 Million in Bitcoin

The SEC reached a settlement with 3 Bitconnect promoters for over $12 Million in Bitcoin and fiat currency, but the case is not over.

The crypto-monetary world is approaching the end of one of its iconic and to some extent the weirdest, chapters, where the SEC agreed that the accused Joshua Jeppesen, Michael Noble and Laura Mascola would settle over $12 million and that they had been charged with a major component of Bitconnect the most famous Pontian scheme in crypto-history. the official announcement by the SEC. As a relief defendant proceeded with Laura Mascola, Jeppesen’s partner.

Settlement $12 million For Scam $2.5 trillion


The SEC introduced a Complaint on May 28, 2021, against Jeppesen, Noble, and Mascola. On the same document, the agency included other names like Ryan Maasen, Graig Grant, and the more popular Trevon Jones.

The settlement does not include the latest three names, which means there still are some files opened, and the investigation has not ceased. In fact, the FBI is still collecting as much information as possible even to this day.

The SEC explains that it asked for Bitcoin and American dollars as two separate payment methods

‘On 13 August 2021, on charges concerning the implication with BitConnect and promotion of its ‘lending programme,’ the United States District Tribunal for the Southern District of New York entered a judgement against Michael Noble (a.k.a.Michael Crypto), and the final judgement against Joshua Jeppesen. According to the judgments, the defendants and relief accused were ordered to pay collectively for dismissal and interference over 3,5 million dollars and 190 Bitcoin.”

As follows, the financial settlement was agreed:

Jeppesen shall pay $3,039,485 for dissolution and prejudice, 190 Bitcoin for dissolution and a penalty of $150,000 for dissociation. In order to fulfil its obligation to pay due to compensation in crypto, it also has to provide access to a Bitcoin wallet.

For disgorgement, prejudice and civil penalties Michael Nobble shall pay an undefined amount. A tribunal determines the quantity later.

In disgorgement and prejudgment interest, Mascola shall pay $576 358.

What has BitConnect been like?

Bitconnect may be Ponzi’s most famous crypto-world scheme. It continued to build up market capitalisation of $2.5 billion between the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, making it easy to inside.

It became famous worldwide for its aggressive marketing campaign, reference programme, high return promises… And to have the most cringy and funny presentation ever, the well-known meme starring Carlos Matos Latino host.

In January 2018, the pyramid collapsed when various state agencies issued cessation orders in the United States labelling the project scam, which was replicated by other countries.

It’s a dead project at the moment. The meme is alive, however.

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