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375 daily Cyberattacks in 2020, says India’s cybersecurity coordinator

The need for security and privacy is not something I need to explain about. But, something I do need to talk about is the growing concerns that the world of internet is facing. It is important to understand that as we slowly become more dependent on tech and internet, these problems are bound to increase. But the lack of proper education and awareness is why our country India faced 375 daily Cyberattacks in 2020. The Indian Cybersecurity coordinator provided the data.

More about the cybersecurity attacks

375 daily cyberattacks in 2020

Image Source: CSO Online

Rajesh Pant, a retired cybersecurity coordinator of India, reported how the number of cyberattacks in 2020 had increased drastically. The country has been facing as high as 375 daily cyberattacks, and almost 4 lakh malware are being found every day. One major reason for the rise of the no of attacks is the pandemic.

With everyone working from home, the need to go online has been more than normal. But the lack of proper knowledge made many a victim of these attacks. So, Rajesh Pant’s report also mentioned that everyone should be more cautious regarding click-baits and hoax calls. We are talking about normal people like us facing these types of attacks. But, how can we forget that even Narendramodi’s website faced a Cyberattack in 2020 as reported by Cyble, a US-based Cybersecurity firm.

China: A big concern!

WHO drops censorship of words 'Taiwan' and 'China' on social media after backlash | World Health Organization | The Guardian

In 2020, India and China’s relations have deteriorated to the point that they are fighting over the border and on the internet too. In the past few months, India has banned many apps that posed security concerns to the user data of Indians. Talking about the cybersecurity problems that our neighbours bring Rajesh said that it is “another challenge we are facing”. He termed it as the three ‘C’s, Corona, CyberSecurity and China.

In an event organised by HDFC bank, he talked how the no of cyberattacks have increased exponentially. He also told that the fraud cases in Union bank and many others have also increased during this time. In an attempt to reduce the no of cyberattacks he launched the “Mooh Bandh Rakho” campaign that focused no one talked about them or give anyone their details to anyone of the internet.

Cyberattacks is not only faced by common individuals or government sites (as one might think they are not maintained that well). But many famous brands like Haldiram, Bigbasket and even true caller India have faced such attacks in 2020. Have you ever faced a security issue ever? Let us know in the comment below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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