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Apple to change app data collection method on MacOS

Apple has always been vigilant about security on their devices. Many people even buy iPhones just for this aspect alone. But recently a flaw was founded in the method of data collection on Apple Macs. Cybersecurity experts pointed out that the company was collecting data logs of the apps used and also linking it with the users IP address. This was giving Apple access to user data which was tied to individuals and also their location. Plus the data was not encrypted, making it easy for their-party to intercept it.

Responding to the problem pointed out by the security experts, Apple said they are going to change the way Mac is going to collect data. It is extremely professional on Apple’s part to address the concern and also fix the security flaws.

Details about the flaw


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As a user, would you want that Apple knows which app you are using at what time? I would certainly not want that. But the security flaw that was pointed out did just that. A security blogger, Jeffery Paul, wrote that one could not simply use anything on their PC without the company knowing about it. This is completely against what Apple stands for or should I say to Apple “You became the very thing you swore to destroy” (Okay! that was a nice pun). But seriously it’s good that Apple responded to this and plans to fix it soon.

Reports also suggested that while some tools could be used on older versions of MacOS to stop the data collection, they don’t work anymore. This is in context to the Big SUR that Apple announced recently. The new update has also stopped users from hiding their IP addresses by using a VPN service.

How Apple addressed the issues?


The company has been leading in terms of security, and this is why they have already started removing IP address from the logs. They also said that this would make it nearly impossible for any data to be tied back to the users. The company has also promised to delete the previous logs and remove all the older log files.

In the future MacOS updates, Apple has also promised to change the way they collect data by encrypting it. This will make the data transfer over the internet very secure.

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