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4 Node.js Advantages that can benefit your business

In the era of rapid digital transformation, the software for your business must be fast, scalable, and cost-effective. We, at outsource node js development company RexSoft, believe that if at least one of these components is missed, you are at risk of being outrun by your competitors. 

That’s why it’s of crucial importance to choose the right tech stack that can help you not just stay afloat but also provide you with additional benefits.

From this perspective, Node.js is definitely what you are looking for.  According to Node JS Report, the users rated this technology as perfect for building fast, lightweight, powerful and scalable applications. 

AliExpress, Netflix, PayPal, eBay, LinkedIn, Uber, Trello, Tumblr, Amazon – these are only several giants that trust Node.js with their business. And this was, by all means, a winning choice.

And now let’s take a closer look at Node.js benefits that can bring success to your business as well.

Why choose Node.js?

1. Accelerated time-to-market

As an entrepreneur, startuper, or executive manager in your company, you may already have learned one crucial thing – time is priceless, especially when it comes to market competition. The faster you implement your idea, the better are your chances to gain a customer.

Today, compared to other technologies, Node.js provides the shortest possible average time for software creation preserving the same functionality. That’s why this technology is so commonly used for MVP development. 

A short fact just to think about: Node.js app for PayPal was built 2 times faster with fewer people working on it, as compared to the previous Java-based app. So if you’re still hesitating, be sure: your peers that use Node.js for their apps are engaging new customers and increasing profits right now.

2. Great scalability

 Even if you’re not going to scale your business right now, it doesn’t mean that you will not want to do this later. So it’s better to consider this fact in the software development process right away.

Node.js can provide your app with the outstanding ability to scale (both horizontally and vertically) and easily add new modules. 

The reason is that Node.js preserves a perfect match between load balancing and the capability to manage an enormous number of concurrent connections. 

Node.js is the technology of choice when developing apps with microservice architecture. In such apps, each microservice can be deployed, upgraded, scaled, and restarted independently.

From the business point of view, it means that whenever you feel that it is high time to grow, engage new customers or enter new markets, with Node.js you can without any troubles scale the whole app or particular functionality in a time- and cost-savvy way. 

3. High performance

Light as a feather. We bet this phrase was initially addressed to Node.js. 

Where is the crux of the matter?  The requests received by the server and applications are processed instantly. As a result, the servers are not overloaded and don’t slow down, there are fewer application files and it’s much easier to manage them. That’s why it becomes possible to increase the loading time of the app up to 50%-60%, according to Hackernoon.

Translating into business language, Node.js enables you to serve even huge amounts of customer traffic faster, with higher quality, and with fewer efforts compared to other heavier programming technologies.

That’s why Node.js is ideal for apps where lightness and speed are crucial for uninterrupted real-time performance. E.g.: 

  • social media apps;
  • streaming platforms;
  • messaging and chat apps;
  • APIs;
  • multiplayer games and others.

4. Increased efficiency of the development process

And the last perk you can get with Node.js – your developers don’t need to switch between frontend and backend, one language can be shared both on client and server sides. It means that less code is needed as it can be reused in different parts of your application. 

Moreover, such peculiarity enables your developers to act as full-stack specialists. 

That not just accelerates the software development process, but also cuts costs on man/hour, saving your budget for additional growth opportunities. In general, according to Netguru, Node.js can cut the lion’s share of software development costs – by approximately 60%. 


Of course, these were just several of the numerous Node.js benefits for your business. This technology is evolving with each last release, bringing more value both to developers and software owners. It’s a promising direction for your software development, so don’t hesitate to reach out RexSoft – reliable outsource node js development company – right now.



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