4rabet – Bookmaker in India

Before learning about bookmaker in general in this 4rabet review, we must have some idea about the company itself. 4rabet started in 2018 on legal conditions https://4rabets.in/legal-gambling/. Even though it is a relatively new company, most of the reviews have been positive. Any of the 4rabet reviews will indeed contain the details about the vast number of sports. We have also added the bonuses and an in-depth look at the 4rabet app in this 4rabet review.  

Available Sport Disciplines

The punters always want an online gambling platform where the users can bet on many sports in one place. It even has functional advantages. For instance, by betting on multiple odds, the punters can increase their chances of winning. That is why 4rabet also has a lot of games to play with. Cricket, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Badminton and many other games can be found in 4rabet. Along with these top-class sports, 4rabet also offers a lot of betting types for their clients. Here are some of the top bet types offered by 4rabet:

  • Straight Bets
  • Total Line Bets
  • Money Line Bets
  • Parlay Bets
  • Teaser Bets
  • Head-To-Head Bets

Another positive sign about 4rabet online is that they cover all the major tournaments of sports held worldwide. Especially when it comes to cricket, bookmaker covers almost every tournament that there is. 


4rabet doesn’t pull any punches when giving their rivals a hard time with a great reward. As part of a proper 4rabet review, we are bound to inform the users about this excellent bonus that they can use in the casino. So here is all that you need to know about the bonus offered by the 4rabet:

  • 4rabet gives the users a 200% bonus on their first deposit. 
  • By depositing 10,000 Indian rupees, you will get an additional 20,000 Indian rupees worth of bonus. 
  • The bonus by 4rabet can be used only when the odds are at least 3. 
  • The promo code for the activation of the bonus has to be provided while being registered. 
  • Make sure to agree to get a bonus and add the promo code-named “luckydice.” 

4rabet Mobile App 

The 4rabet app for mobile devices is available for both the major platforms of iOS and Android. As they are different platforms and have different rules concerning the installation of apps in their devices, the procedure to have apps are also different. 

4rabet for iOS

The iOS version doesn’t need much instruction to be downloaded and is pretty much a straight-cut installation. All the users need to do is go to the App store using their iOS devices and search for 4rabet. When the app appears on the screen, just tap on the “Get” button, and you will have installed it on your iPhone or any other iOS device. 

4rabet for Android

Now having the 4rabet on Android is a bit tricky but an easy procedure at the same time. Just follow the instructions below to have the 4rabet app on your mobile device:

  1. Download. Click the download button of 4rabet and download the 4rabet Apk file on your Android device. 
  2. Open the file. Now tap on the downloaded 4rabet Apk file. Your device will most likely ask if you would like to install unknown applications on your device. Allow its installation when it requests that. 
  3. Install and enjoy. After that, the 4rabet Apk will be installed on your device, and you can start using it.  

How to Sign Up

Signing up is a mandatory requirement for using the 4rabet sportsbook and the casino. That way, they can identify you, and there isn’t any chance of fraud from any side. Also, the account will work as proof of evidence in the future about all the transactions that you will make. So here is the way how you can sign up to enjoy the fruits of 4rabet online:

  1. Go to the homepage. Access the homepage of the 4rabet using the web browser or the 4rabet app. 
  2. Click on “registration.” There you will find the registration link for opening a 4rabet account. 
  3. Add a username and a password. Create the username and the password that you will later use for accessing your 4rabet account. 
  4. Enter the promo code. Remember to add the promo code for having the 4rabet bonus. 
  5. Complete the process. Complete the signing up process by reading and ticking the terms and conditions of 4rabet.