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ZINGR app is building hashtags to connect local people to make new friends

Local social app CEO Kęstutis Gedaitis reported that the ZINGR team is working on local hashtags to connect like-minded people and to help them to make new friends online during the lockdown. ZINGR which is a location-based social network (LBSN) will use GPS and #hashtags to discover nearby trendings hashtags and connect people with similar interests.

Trending hashtags to connect local people by similar interest

Hashtags on social networks aren`t something new. Social apps like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and of course Facebook use hashtags to show users on a feed what other people and Pages are saying about that event or topic. Local app ZINGR will use hashtags to connect people nearby and will show users only the nearest, most trending posts by hashtags. This new ZINGR app update will help people to meet new like-minded people and maybe to make some new friends nearby during the coronavirus.

List of the most trending hashtags in your area

This is something new we haven`t seen on any social network. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other giant social network do not use any sort by most trendings tags nearby. Social app ZINGR will allow users to know not only what happens nearby, but also the most trending things in their area. This is a great idea to know what happens in your city.

Users will be able to add hashtags on their posts and for sure these hashtags will be clickable to check the nearest posts by that tag. This is great not only to discover the most trending things around you but also to find some people with similar interests. If someone would like to make new friends, start dating, or just are looking for some people to go for a walk, to go for a ride, or just to drink a coffee, ZINGR is the app that can help to locate these people. Popular tags like #dating #meetfriends #newfriends #friends #meet and similar hashtags help to find some people with similar interests or hobbies.

Indian, black people, Asian..it doesn’t matter..make friends around the world

ZINGR app can help you not only to know what happens in your city or to make new friends by similar interest. If you use hashtags wisely this social network can help you to connect people from all over the world who is visiting your country. Meet some foreign people who are living near you. Some popular hashtags like #asia #asian can help you to find guys or girls from Asia who are living around you, #blackpeople #blackgirls #blackguys can help you to connect black people in your area and etc. ZINGR uses GPS to show you the nearest people and posts, so every time you changed your location, check the most trending things nearby. ZINGR new version will be released soon, lets wait for the update on Google Play, Apple, GetJar, or Amazone store.



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